Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rude Awakening

So you all may or may not know that Jim and I have been on the road and living in this trailer for 4 1/2 years now. Hard to believe, I know. What's even MORE hard to believe, is that our marriage has survived AND that I haven't killed him. YET. But that's another post altogether.

Today I want to talk about pink jobs and blue jobs. No NOT "blow jobs". Get your mind out of the gutter, folks, although, if you think about it, that WOULD be a "pink" job. Anyway, a few years ago we met a couple while camping in the Seattle suburbs. We had just pulled into the site; then Jim was doing his thing putting chocks between the wheels, disconnecting the truck, etc. I stood there next to the trailer waiting for Jim to finish before I could go in and set things up inside. I made some comment to our "neighbor", and the woman said, "Oh, I call those 'pink' jobs and 'blue' jobs. Everything on the outside is a 'blue' job and my husband takes care of that, and I take care of the inside, or 'pink' jobs."

So, ever since then, we've referred to things as "pink" or "blue" jobs. Or I should say, I like to say, "blue" job. Like when it's time to drain the gray water from the shower because the water is up to my ankles. Or the shitty job of emptying the black water tank (you know - the human waste - yuk!) Maybe that should be called the "brown" job.

When things need fixing around the trailer? BLUE job.

Check tires for air? BLUE job.

Change flat tire on trailer? BLUE job.

Wash/wax big honking trailer? BLUE job.

Okay, now before you all start thinking that my husband is working REALLY hard, you've got to realize that those items listed above don't happen too often, except for the emptying of the tanks. So basically, the blue jobs don't occur too often.

Now PINK jobs, on the other hand, are a DAILY occurrence. You know, things like fixing the bed, doing the dishes, sweeping the floor, vacuuming, dusting, etc. It's true that Jim helps me with the pink jobs ONCE IN AWHILE. You may recall what I thought about him doing the dishes.

While I believe that there are men out there that are good at house/trailer cleaning, Jim's motto seems to be, "That'll do." I was fixing the bed the other day, and Jim decided to help me. I know he wonders why I even FIX the bed. So, I pull the sheets and blanket tight and straight on my side of the bed, tuck them all under the mattress, and pull the top quilt up to my pillow. Flatten it with my hand, fluff my pillow, stand it on its edge, leaning up against the second pillow that we don't sleep on but use for decoration. I'm hoping Jim will follow my movements. Hah! He makes a stab at straightening the blankest and sheets and then basically just grabs the top quilt, and pulls it up over the mess. He doesn't tuck his covers in. This wouldn't bother me so much except that that whole side of the bed is reflected in the closet mirrors. So you can see the bed sheets hanging any which way from under the quilt.

I said to Jim, "Wait a minute. You were in the service. I thought you guys were supposed to make up your beds so tight that you could bounce a quarter off of it."

Jim said, "I was in the Navy. We slept in bunks. We didn't have to make our beds like this."

Oh. Never mind.

So basically, it's understood between Jim and me that he handles repairs and outside work on the trailer - thus "blue" jobs, and I handle daily care and inside work on the trailer - thus "pink" jobs.

Life was good. Then I met my neighbor.

I've been meaning to go over and introduce myself. I've been wanting to ask her where she bought her patio table. It must be foldable since she has a 5th wheel too. She was sitting outside yesterday when we pulled up from grocery shopping. I hopped out of the truck and told Jim that I was going over there to say hello.


We had a real nice chat. She seems like a wonderful person. Really. But then we got to talking about trailers, etc. She hauls her trailer. It's 40 ft. just like ours. I was pretty impressed. (I drive our truck, but not with the trailer attached.) She went on to say that she does ALL the repairs on the trailer. SAY WHAT?

"Oh, yes. I've repaired the air conditioner. I've climbed underneath this baby and had to work on one of the holding tanks. I've had to......"

I pretty much stopped listening. She had me at "I haul the trailer". I was in awe. I quickly looked over my shoulder to see if Jim was outside and by chance could overhear the conversation. I do NOT want to let this secret out!

She must have seen the look of surprise on my face. I don't know if I actually blurted out, "Why doesn't your husband DO ANYTHING?" or if it was just written on my face.

She said, "When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade."

She is woman, hear her roar.

This woman ALSO work camps. Meaning, she works wherever they camp so they either get paid or get their camping for free.

I stood there a moment, then put my arms out in front of me, bent from waist, and said, "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy."

I came back to our trailer and Jim asked, "So, what did our neighbor have to say?"

"Oh, not much."


Noelle said...

oh my, that's too funny.

you are living my dream, by the way. rv living...different neighbors whenever you want them, different scenery whenever you want it. yep, when my kids are finally grown and out of the house, i am so gone. i realize you have to like your husband A LOT to live a life like this...i'm still workin' on that. ;) lol

otin said...

The lists seem pretty fair to me! Shouldn't watch sports and eat pizza be on his list, also!? LOL

Bonnie, Original Art Studio said...

I think women like that are just plain annoying (well, okay - amazing), but like you I would keep it all under wraps around my husband. Great post Pat - again!!

Gail said...

Thanks for the smile! I am so lazy I am not doing any jobs no matter what their color!

Rae said...

I would have kept my mouth shut too. Don't volunteer for any blue job. Once you do it once it will forever be yours. I am very lucky to have a guy that is willing to do all the blue and the pink whenever I can't. Plus he does a really good job at it. I have trained him well during the past 33 years.

Carol said...

Guess I am gonna be on the other side of friendship here! I too drive our unit, 38 foot of her, 53 running feet, plus when we have the bikes it is 55 running feet. It is not that hard. NOW, backing up, forget it, cannot do that, but, I do haul Tana. You can do it. But, that tank repair stuff and climbing on the roof to fix the A/C, nope, I ain't going there! Man can have those blue jobs, ohhhhh, he don't wanna do em either, he pays!! someone else!!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

I am totally impressed. Like you, I would have not said a word to the hubby. I need a wife like her. LOL!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

That is just wrong! I don't do sewer or electric! I am delicate in that regard. I mean, I know I could learn.....but then I would take that feeling of being needed from him...... and that would be wrong!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Oh h***L, I bet she does crafts too ;>))

She would have to be really nice or else I would hate her!

Valerie said...

OMG Pat, your posts get funnier. Did Jim read this one? I really admire you, you know, I couldn't cope with a travelling life.

Boomka said...

When you live by yourself there are no pink jobs or blue jobs. Everything is everything so there are only purple jobs. I am the king of my apartments purple jobs. Killing bugs with the rag I just used to dust? Purple job indeed.

Lee the Hot Flash Queen said...

Well, I do everything around here, pink, blue, green, yellow and purple which has me seeing red!

Missy said...

LOL! My mind is stuck in the gutter!

Allen said...

It sounds like she could put some men to shame. hehe

Living in a home on wheels sounds like so much fun. All those people that you get to meet is just wonderful. =o)

SquirrelQueen said...

Hubby and I lived in the RV for a couple of years after we got together, we traveled quite a bit of the West Coast. We had both been single for a long time and done everything ourselves. I can dump the holding tanks, hook up the electric and water, do minor repairs and such. I don't do tires on the RV, they are way too heavy. I guess my list was blueish pink. I should mention he was working at time, when I worked it was an even split on the chores.

Sunny said...

My first husband couldn't screw in a lightbulb so I had the pink and blue list all to myself!
Your humorous writing cracks me up!
Sunny :)