Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Z" is for Zion National Park

My husband, Jim, and I traveled this great country of ours for SEVEN years in our RV. We saw many wonderful sights, visited famous and not so famous cities, and wandered through many a National Park. I have blogged through all our travels. I've stumbled upon the "Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2013". I decided to jump on board this crazy train and share with all of you places I have seen in my travels.

Day 26 "Blogging from A-Z Challenge"! FINAL DAY!!! YIPPEE!!!!!

is for Zion National Park, Utah

The first thing I remember about this park is this. We turned down a road to get to the park (I cannot remember the specific road number), and drove about 5-7 miles before seeing a sign that read something like this: WARNING: Vehicles pulling trailers over 35 feet in length cannot drive any further. You MUST turn around and take an alternate route.

It turns out that there is a tunnel with a slight curve to it down the road, and any trailer longer than 35 feet would not be able to make the turn. Now that's all fine and dandy, but, seriously folks, wouldn't it make sense to put this sign back at the intersection? Not only were we in the middle of nowhere on a 2-lane road, but there was no turn around! Jim had to try to maneuver our 40 foot trailer into a kind of 3-point turn to get us going back the other way. We were NOT happy campers. Plus the detour added about 50 miles to our trip! But, what could we do?

So, we finally got to our campground, dropped the trailer, and set out for Zion National Park. There were lots of ooh's and ah's right off the bat.

And then we came across a problem.

Some more pretty scenery....

View from our truck

And then we came upon another tunnel. 

Only this time, we got pulled over. Uh, yeah. This was the infamous tunnel that was long and had a curve to it and was why we had to take a different route. The ranger took one look at our truck and made us pull over to the side. In the words of my twin sister, "Here we f*cking go!"

photo taken at a different time - it wasn't snowing when we were at Zion Nat'l Park
The ranger made us pay $10 to pass through the tunnel, even though we told him that our truck fit into a regular parking space. He paid no attention to us. The fee was because they had to stop traffic BOTH ways and let us pass through the tunnel by ourselves! We were a little ticked off, but again, what can you do? Truthfully, I think Jim DID feel even more manly, if that is even possible, when driving this honking truck. Anyway, we drove into the tunnel which got completely dark extremely quick. We couldn't see very much even with our headlights on. Jim was worried about hitting the truck on the side of the tunnel. I quipped, "Hey! We PAID for the privilege to ride through this tunnel alone! RIDE THAT YELLOW LINE, BABY!" We sailed through that tunnel, okay, maybe sailed isn't the correct word when we were driving at about 20 mph!

All in all, the scenery is stunning and well worth the trip. Big truck and all!

And THAT, my friend, is the end of this crazy Blogging A-Z Challenge! I sure hope you enjoyed the trip! You've been good travel  buddies and didn't complain one bit! AND we didn't have to stop once for a potty break!

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Valerie said...

I don't think I would have liked going through that tunnel but I guess the ranger would have sorted things out if a breakdown occurred mid-trip.

in the coop said...

This illustrates exactly why I love travel. Besides the scenery, there are so many odd bits about different places, like tunnels that only fit one truck at a time.
You did a fantastic job with the challenge. I very much enjoyed each of your posts. You gave me plenty of ideas for when we travel.

JoJo said...

Another place I never made it to when I was out west.

Gail said...

Wow! Super Wow!

Made the turn worth the trouble.

You two are lucky people...many have to travel with someone they don't like.

Adam said...

never seen a tunnel like that in person

Banker Chick said...

I went to Zion as a kid and remember it well. It was so beautiful that I was impressed.
Katie atBankerchick Scratchings

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

We love Zion Park... knew about the tunnel and restrictions before we got there and planned to stay overnight just outside the park. Tunnel was still scary. But oh so worth it...thanks for the memories.

Enjoyed the whole trip A to Z. Nice job!

DeniseinVA said...

Amazing photos Pat, you did a great job capturing the spirit of Yellowstone. We were there several years ago and hope to go again when hubby retires this year. Have a great day :)

Tammy Bowers said...

Thank you so much! LOVED traveling with you!

Lynn said...

It's been a fun trip, and I'm glad you finished up with Zion's! I've been there a few times, as a child, as a parent, and on a trip for two. It's a great place!

I love the tunnel! I am fascinated with tunnels, and a bit jealous you got it all to yourself!

Liz said...

Yeah, it would have been nice if there were signs warning you about these things before you hit them.

Jessica Peterson said...

This sounds like a fun trip. What an amazing experience.

Yay for finishing a-z. :)

Lynda said...

WOW - - you got through the alphabet rather quickly - - - or maybe it's because I am so far behind in reading them all.
Question - - - was the $10 for a round-trip? I hope so. It is actually a small price to pay to make your spouse feel more manly!!!

atvadventures said...

Zion National Park lies in the northwestern section of Utah and provides some of the most dramatic and variable scenery to be seen anywhere in the national parks system.

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DesertHen said...

My parents took our son on a trip to Zion when he was 6 or 7. He loved it! Such a beautiful place!