Monday, April 15, 2013

"M" is for Monument Valley

My husband, Jim, and I traveled this great country of ours for SEVEN years in our RV. We saw many wonderful sights, visited famous and not so famous cities, and wandered through many a National Park. I have blogged through all our travels. I've stumbled upon the "Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2013". I decided to jump on board this crazy train and share with all of you places I have seen in my travels.

Day 13 "Blogging from A-Z Challenge"!

is for Monument Valley

Monument Valley is located on the Arizona/Utah border and is filled with open land and large monolithic sandstone buttes. It is one of the most beautiful and otherworldly places we have been to.

As you get closer to the area you see things like this rising from the ground.

Mitchell Butte
Just to put things into perspective, those little dots you see to the left are houses (granted, shacks, but still).

Of course, we could see these monsters miles away. Like this beautiful one.

I mean, really. Is that not awe-inspiring? Could you imagine living in this area and seeing this spectacular scenery every single day?

Monument Valley is part of the Navajo Nation. The park entrance is in Utah. The public is able to drive a distance into the park. But to see some really cool and sacred sites, you need to take a tour through them. This is what we did and it was well worth the money.

This is the view from the balcony of the Visitor's Center. Doesn't it look like the surface of another planet? That "ribbon" of sand running through is actually the road.

Another view from the balcony. You see the famous "mittens" West and East and part of Merrick Butte. See the tiny car on the road?

This is called "Ear in the Wind"

Many movies have film footage of  Monument Valley, such as: Stagecoach, The Seekers, Once Upon a Time in the West, Easy Rider, 2001 Space Oddessy (footage is used as a foreign planet - see what I'm talking about??!!).

If you ever get a chance to go out West, I would put Monument Valley on your list of "Things to Do". It is well worth the trip. You would have to see it in person to believe it!

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Valerie said...

It's awesome, Pat. I had no idea of the hugeness of it all. Those shacks hardly showed up at all. Amazing!

in the coop said...

We have never been anywhere near there, but it is on my list of places to go. Great photos, as always!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It looks like a whole different planet--what a thing to see!

S. L. Hennessy said...

I want to go there! It looks incredible.

Happy A to Z blogging.

lizy-expat-writer said...

Wonderful pictures! I should think after seven years travelling you'll have no trouble completing the A-Z Challenge. I live in Tenerife where we are surrounded by mountains - it's amazing how quickly you get used to living with scenery. Your blog is a few above mine on the list - welcome aboard.

Al Penwasser said...

Holy John Wayne movie!!! That must have been breathtaking!!

Lynda said...

It is gorgeous and amazing scenery - - but I would not like looking at it each day. The desert doesn't relax or inspire me. I prefer mountains and greenery and trees. However, I am glad you shared this with us!

Fragrant Liar said...

Gorgeous red rock country!

DeniseinVA said...

Fantastic photos Pat! I went to Monument Valley several years ago and it was magnificent. I hope we can go back there one day.

JoJo said...

I really want to see it. Big time.

Gail said... true love.

Hopefully I will get to see some soon (If Hubby is well). We plan to visit his sister in New Mexico.

Years and years ago I saw Mesa Verde, Tree House, Ship Rock, Chaco Canyon, Four Corners and a few other beauties. They left a lasting impression on me.