Thursday, April 4, 2013

D is for Duluth, MN

My husband, Jim, and I traveled this great country of ours for SEVEN years in our RV. We saw many wonderful sights, visited famous and not so famous cities, and wandered through many a National Park. I have blogged through all our travels. I've stumbled upon the "Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2013". I decided to jump on board this crazy train and share with all of you places I have seen in my travels.

Day Four of "Blogging from A-Z Challenge"!

"D" is for Duluth, Minnesota

When my husband suggested we spend some time up in Duluth, I said, "Seriously?" In my book, Duluth was not known as a happening place, you know? Well, the joke was on me! Duluth is a beautiful town situated on Lake Superior. There are many, many things to see and do. You name it - they have it! Art museum, zoo, aquarium, train museum, maritime museum, just to name a few.

William A. Irvin - open for tours

You will see lots of water. You will see lots of ships. Big, honking ships. Ships that are filled with things like iron ore from the iron range in Minnesota that make their way down to the steel mills of Indiana.

The ships have to pass  through the Duluth Canal.

AND you get to watch it happen.

I TOLD you it was big!
Front of the red ship

Here is a quick video on the ships coming through the canal.

There is a nice boardwalk right along the lake in Downtown Duluth. You can rent bikes here. The kind of bikes that are for two people.....and all the way up to 6 people!

You could take a carriage ride

Or you can take a leisurely walk on the 7.3 mile bike path that runs along the shoreline of Lake Superior. That is a beautiful mosaic mural on the wall.

You will see lighthouses.

You will see bridges. Sometimes they will be down....

And then sometimes they will be up.

Will he make it? YES! This is the famous Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge
Another bridge in town that is up

To let this tourist boat pass through.

There is also another tour boat available. I would recommend either one of them.

What I have found in our travels is that every place has something to offer, even a town that didn't have anything listed.

Duluth is a wonderful place to visit, IN THE SUMMER!! I only wish we had planned to spend more than a few days there.

Here is another list of some of the over 1900 people participating in the "Blogging from A-Z Challenge". Why don't you visit a few?



Jeannine Breton said...

Nice, Pat..looks like a great place to tour. Thanks for sharing.

Brian Miller said...

nice...getting to see all the shops had to be a treat...and sounds like there is a good variety of activities...we did a lighthouse tour down on the NC coast...

in the coop said...

Those bridges are awesome!

Carletta said...

Reminds me a lot of the Norfolk, VA area.
I don't think I've seen anything of your trip here before. :)
Wonderful variety of shots!

Valerie said...

Anything to do with sailing is top in my book. Loved the pictures, Pat.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

We were amazed that we loved Duluth as much as we did (it was supposed to be just an overnight stop, turned into a few days!)