Tuesday, April 9, 2013

"H" is for Hayward, WI

My husband, Jim, and I traveled this great country of ours for SEVEN years in our RV. We saw many wonderful sights, visited famous and not so famous cities, and wandered through many a National Park. I have blogged through all our travels. I've stumbled upon the "Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2013". I decided to jump on board this crazy train and share with all of you places I have seen in my travels.

Day 8 of "Blogging from A-Z Challenge"!

is for Hayward, WI

We stumbled upon the town of Hayward because it was a nice stopping place on our journey. This is a good example of learning about what a town has to offer just by staying there. 

This is what our campground looked like. Yep, lots and lots of pine trees.

You could not drive too far in the town without seeing logging trucks on their way to some mill.

Many of the buildings in the town of Hayward are made of logs. Like this one.

Or this one.....

Even the McDonalds!

There is a nice touristy area filled with shops.

And then there are the quirky things. Like the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum.  If the name doesn't "grab" you, maybe this will "lure" you in!

Yes, that IS a giant fish that you can walk around in its mouth. Fun!

Hayward is also known for holding the annual Lumberjack World Championships. Who knew? We certainly didn't! Until we spoke with a camper a few spots down from us. His daughter was competing in something or other and was the reigning champ. Say what? Actually, there are 21 events for both men AND women to compete for over $50,000 in prize money!

To get a little taste of what happens at a Lumberjack World Championship, watch this video.

See what I'm talking about? All that happening in little ole Hayward, Wisconsin!


Brian Miller said...

the lumberjack world champs...those are def crazy...have watched them on tv, esp when they come flying down the tree...

in the coop said...

I have been to a couple of lumberjack shows, but not the championships. It amazes me and makes me nervous all at the same time.
The fish? Awesome.

Valerie said...

It must be hard work being a lumberjack. I guess it was sheer speed that kept woman balanced on those logs?

Anonymous said...

O-M-G... I had no idea. Very interesting. I about freaked out at first b/c I thought the guy climbing the tree was starting to fall. And the woman standing on top of the log she was cutting. WOW!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Much enjoying your travel memories; don't know whether I'm enjoying the places we've never been or the ones we have been more...great idea for this meme!

Adam said...

that's one cool McDonalds

Carletta said...

A neat Mickey D's and I'd love to see a lumberjack competition in person. I've watched on TV but live would be fun.