Monday, July 12, 2010

Flea Market Finds

A couple of weekends ago I went to a local flea market with my sisters and husband. It was hot and sticky out.

This flea market had everything imaginable. Old things, new things, junk, food, toys, furniture, etc. We didn't even walk through the whole thing.

Here are just a few of the treasures or oddities that caught my eye.

I just love these blue painted chairs.

I don't know how comfortable they would be, but that is my favorite color of blue!

Look at this old table/drawers. Just think of all the things you could keep in them!

These glass bottles called to me, standing there so pretty all in a row, with the sun glistening off their different shapes.

Here are some old canned goods.

I wonder if they were for real or if the labels were reproduced and just stuck on new cans. I didn't pick up a can to see if they were empty or not. Hmmm......

Some people are just so crafty. Just look at what they did with this old step ladder.

Right next to it was this old high chair. Another beauty!

Here are some old chairs just begging to be bought and refinished. I was surprised to see that the one on the left was actually a rocking chair with no arms.

I stumbled across this box of troll dolls. Remember these? These came out when I was young, but then didn't they reappear in the 90's? I wonder when these are from - back when or "way back when"?

We found this old rag doll. Can you read what's printed on her apron? Click to enlarge the photo.

But here's the REAL DEAL Raggedy Ann. Did you have one growing up? I did. Look at that price! $85.00!

But I have something to show you that's even pricier than that doll. These two dolls cost $150 each. And they are "U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi, you're UGLY". They MUST be antiques for that price. They were very heavy, too.

Meet Ugly Baby #1

And Ugly Baby #2

True, Ugly Baby #2 isn't as bad as Ugly Baby #1, but still *shudder*. Could be "Chuckie's" spawn.

Speaking of scary, remember these old Halloween costumes?

I thought this looked like Kathie Lee Gifford at first.

But I see on the side of the box that it says, "Cinderella". Oh.

This is the kind of costume we used to wear as kids, right? Bought them at the Five and Dime Store or K-Mart. Consisted of a plastic mask and a one piece cheap costume. We were LUCKY if we got this. Otherwise we went as a bum and burn a cork to rub all over our face. Whoop-dee-do. Kids nowadays go trick-or-treating in these elaborate costumes. Yeah right. They have no idea. But again, we used to go out for hours carrying a pillow case and come back home with it filled with candy. Now parents are too afraid to send kids more than a couple houses away for fear someone will put pins or a razor blade in their candy. So I guess it's a trade off. Shitty costume/great amounts of candy or fantastic costume/handful of candy. Yep. We had it better.

For all you Parrot Heads out there - It's Five O'Clock Somewhere!

These are original Tinker Toys in the original container for $20.

Look at this old-fashioned pull toy. I just love it!

You saw all those wonderful things above, and might be wondering just what exactly I bought.

Well, none of the above.

Not that I didn't want to, mind you.

Space is an issue, of course.

So this is what I did buy.

I bought this nice travel bag for $10.

It's a Vera Bradley knock-off. The real thing would cost me anywhere from $69-$92. Granted, it would be a little nicer, but for $10, this one will do!

My other great find is.......

Are you ready?

Don't be jealous now.....

Scroll down......

"Say what? A bowl full of smiles," You ask?

Oh, no, my friend. Not just a bowl full of smiles.

You see, these smiles squirt.

Oh yes they do.

There's a tiny hole right by their smile. So, you squeeze the ball, submerge it in water, let the ball fill up with water, then fire away. The guy at the flea market said that they shoot up to 20 feet!

I know. I am a sucker.

Why do I have a bowl full of them? 25 to be exact? Well, in a couple of weeks we leave for our annual camping trip with Jim's family. I usually try to bring something goofy (besides ourselves) to entertain the troops. What sounds like more fun than smiley squirt guns.

But wait. There's more.

I opened up a new box of Honey Nut Cheerios and guess what was inside?

That right there is a Fiona (from Shrek) squirter. See the hole in her little crown? Oh yes boys and girls, Patty's got herself a SPECIAL shooter.

So here's Fiona and the boys. Notice how some of the smileys turned around to smile at the Queen.

Oh, yeah. The guy who sold me these also suggested that I could wash these out and fill them with, let's say, liquor. Then we'd have "shooters" all right! (Although I don't see the need to wash them out - won't the alcohol kill all the germs?)


Steven Anthony said...

amazing finds, that table and drawers in pic two...I WANT THAT>>>>thjose babies kinds creeped me

Brian Miller said...

nice. you hit a treasure trove of goodness...and i will be watching your smile just to make sure you dont squirt me...smiles.

Sunny said...

I love flea markets and you came across some really cool items. I know someone that has a collection of those baby dolls, they are quite creepy for sure!
I think your smiley squirters will be a hit!
☼ Sunny

Gail said...

I was wondering where you could put anything. Jim could put a luggage rack on top just for your treasures.

Smiling squirts, you are my kind of party animal!

Eva Gallant said...

I can see the family get-together is going to be a wet one!

JasonBirk佳琪 said...

Quietude is the crown of life.............................................................

Cheeseboy said...

Those are great finds. Well, everything but those ugly babies. Ugh, those are just too much.

Valerie said...

I'm a sucker for markets (wonder why they call them flea markets) so I would have definitely come home with the table (and drawers)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Thanks for taking us along! I would have had to pick up one of those cans to see if the top was bulging! And the ugly dolls ...... I saw this program on TV one night about these women in Britain buying dolls made to order to look like babies that had died!!! The dolls were made to feel lifelike and were the same weight, etc, as the lost baby. The doll maker worked with pictures of the baby and would capture the facial expression of the woman's choosing. I was fascinated and couldn't stop watching. I was impressed at the artistry involved and at the same time wondering why these women weren't under the care of a psychiatrist! They would dress these dolls and carry them around as if they were needing the consatnt attention of a live baby.....

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

wonderful! i love to walk through flea markets like that. on the trolls... i think the ones with the jewels in the belly are the newer ones. i still have my original (from the 60s) "wedding" troll, complete with her wedding gown, although one of the shoulders of the gown is torn. I also have a troll Precious Moments doll that Ron bought me when they made their reappearance.

great memories.

Wendy said...

Oh, Pat. I love traveling along with you! Thanks!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I hate flea markets, but I loved your trip through! Great stuff and It even looks like it was clean -- they're usually so dusty and dirty....

You got to go trick-or=treating dressed like a hobo? I thought the costume of choice was ghost -- old sheet my mom would tear up special for the holiday ;>)

Missy said...

I LOVE the blue chairs. The dolls are scaring me a lot!

Betty said...

Great finds! The #1 #2 photos..amazing stuff!!They remind me items of good old times.
Great post!, Pat.
B xx

Joann Mannix said...

Man, that is one great flea market you found! I don't have anything that fabulous at any of my local ones. I love all the nostalgic items, especially the costume because I'm pretty sure I wore that one. And yes, they were cheap and you couldn't breathe right in those masks, but I did so love them.

Oh and that blue is my favorite too. It is the color of a perfect sky.

f8hasit said...

20 feet?
Yes...filled with vodka that truly would BE a shooter alright!
Lovely flea market! I want one of those closer to MY home!

misslynda said...

Pat - - you are one crazy, funny woman with those smiley faces squirts. The kids will have fun with those - - - all age kids. I love the pictures you took and I, too, am partial to that color of blue. However, I don't think they would be that comfortable for seating. The stepladder and boxes (drawers) was very clever.

Mama Zen said...

Holy cow! I had that Cinderella costume when I was five or six!

becky said...

I love finding cool old stuff & love yard sales. Your squirty smilies will be a hit I'm sure... but you'll be the queen!

Carletta said...

Most of what caught your eye would have caught mine. I see we must like a lot of the same things. The blue things for sure.
Love the smiley faces and Fiona. I might have to go buy some Cheerios! You'll be a hit with the family for sure.

Terra said...

The smiley face squirters will be fun at the camp out. I liked the blue chairs too.

Ruth said...

Beauties! My Don is great at picking out treasures, bringing them home, lining them up for me to see behind his truck, and then putting them in the shed. :| Seriously, we don't need another thing. Ever. But I love looking at old things. LOVE.

Yes, I had a Raggedy Ann. That mask DOES look like Kathy Lee! I remember how those masks felt, my face would sweat, yuck. And man are those dolls ugly.

Your bag is lovely, a real steal, even if it is a knock off.

SquirrelQueen said...

I love flea markets, there is always so much to see. Those dolls are really scary looking. I want a smiley shooter, that is too cool.