Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Woman I'm Not

Yesterday while waiting for my appointment at the chiropractor's office, I happened to glance over at the woman sitting next to me. She was an attractive black woman and she wore black jeans, a black top,  and a pretty, solid-colored turquoise scarf tied around her neck that new modern way (you know what I'm talking about?) I looked down at her feet and noticed that she had flip-flops on and her toe nails were painted turquoise.

I just blurted out, "Wow. Nice color on your toes! They match your scarf! Did you plan that?"

"Yes," she replied.

"Really?" I said, not  expecting that answer.

She continued, "I get my nails done once a week and plan my wardrobe around it."

I looked at her more closely.

Her earrings were turquoise.

The tips of her fingernails were turquoise.

"Do you mean to tell me that you wear something turquoise ALL week?" I asked her incredulously.


"Wow, I'm impressed!"

And I was. First off, this woman exuded coolness. I mean, if I happened to have a hot flash sitting next to her, it would have dissipated in an instant.


Secondly, to plan ahead that much so you know what you are wearing a week in advance?

That's impressive.

I REALLY wanted to take a picture of her feet and her hands; hell ALL of her, but I felt she would of thought I was nucking futs.

I mean, here I am, a middle-aged woman, who walks in, well, shuffles in because my hip and back hurt me. I'm wearing gym shoes and anklets, no make up, and I probably smell like a rusty nail even though I just showered but the water in the campground sucks because it's well water.

Am I raising my freaky flag or what?

I'm surprised the woman didn't change seats when I sat down next to her.

Oh, wait, there wasn't anymore open seats.

That explains it.

I DID hear her give a sigh of relief when the doctor called her in.

Just another day in the life of little ole me.


Anonymous said...

LOL, I would have noticed and said something to...does that make us weird, or observant? ;)

Brian Miller said... yeah, sorry the full body matching does not work for me...i thinkit was to her benefit sitting next to you..smiles.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i used to work with a lady who color coordinated her entire wardrobe every day - including the exact shade of 'blue' (or red, or whatever) color her shoes should be to match the rest of the ensemble.

Donna said...

There is NO Fricken Way I could do that!Hahaaaa...Sounds like another job to me!
Hope your back feels better!

Eva Gallant said...

I agree with Donna! Sounds like too much work!

Country Gal said...

To much like look at me kind of thing ! I would of loved to sit next to you we would of had a hoot ! Personaly if I am comfortable in what I wear I couldnt care a dam what I looked like lol If ya dont like dont look kind of thing lol Some people pay wayyy to much attention to them selves vein I say vein ! Great post hope your aches and pains get better I hear ya on that , have a wonderful eve !

Gail said...

I am lucky I remember to put on all the pieces I need to pants, shoes...

McGuffy Ann said...

Love you just like you are! Hugs!

Ami said...

Just trying to find clean underwear is enough responsibility for me on most days.

I never wear a white shirt, either. Too difficult.


Rita said...

Face it--we could all do this. But long term coordinating of the body image is just waaaaay too far down on our personal priority lists. ROFL! ;)

Valerie said...

I wonder if she wore flip-flops all the time just to show of her toenails. Hmmm not the most elegant of footwear, me thinks.

Bonnie said...

I much prefer the authentic you to an up-tight, over-planned, totally-contrived model-wannabe!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Wow. Turquoise, huh? Does she pik the nail color or does she let the nail stylist pick it and then go buy accessories to match the color? That could get spendy. Maybe she is trying to help the economy. I pick out my clothes right before I put them on my body!

A New England Life said...

Damn those women that have it all pulled together like that! Type-A I tell ya. Something I will never be. I'm just thankful to have a good day now and then ; )

SabrinaT said...

hum, I wonder if she has children? I have a hard enough time making shirt the top and bottom of me match!!

labbie1 said...

I would have thought that she would have been proud to have someone notice. I mean, come on! Don't tell me she goes to all the trouble to coordinate right down to the toes and doesn't want people to notice! OTOH, it would be nice to find out where she lives so that when those hot flashes hit, we have relief! LOL

Nita Davis said...

OMG, I can so see myself reacting the exact same way you did. Although I probably would have snapped a photo with my cell phone as she got left the waiting room.