Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Crazy for Quilts Part Three

Continuing from my post yesterday,  here are the rest of the barn quilts that are displayed in the main street store windows where we are currently staying. Under each photo is the pattern name of the quilt, then a brief description (taken directly from here), along with the artist(s) name.

On the Underground Railroad, the Monkey Wrench was a signal to gather all tools required for the fleeing slave’s journey—physical, mental, and spiritual.

As for how it got its name, that’s pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? This is a good example of a block that forms many fascinating patterns when made into a quilt.
Artist: Ellen Brunschon

From “Crazy Quilts” back in the 1800s, to the striking art being produced by contemporary quilters, designs based on nothing but the quilter’s imagination are everywhere.

This original design is based on the logo for the national Napa Art Parts Company, founded in 1925.
Artist: Woody & Pam Woodruff and Harmony Corvettes

On the Underground Railroad, the Bear Paw was a visual reference telling the fugitives to follow the actual trail of a bear’s footprints.

The footprints would indicate the best path to food & water.
Artist: Hollie DeRose

For some Native American tribes, the Milky Way is known as the "Pathway of Departed Souls." They believe that the spirit of the deceased follows this pathway to the Southern Star, the abiding place of the dead.

In their beliefs, the Great Spirit gave stars the power to watch over us here on earth. The Star Quilt is given today as a reminder of this belief. Southwest tribes call this pattern "God's Eye.”
Artist: Sarah Janes

On the Underground Railroad, everyone knew that North meant freedom. Some believe the design originated during the days of the Railroad.

This pattern is very popular for Barn Quilts, and lends itself well to being made in bright colors.
Artist: Eve Shunick

Pinwheel, a very popular design for baby quilts, must be based on the toy of the same name. It’s considered a type of whirligig, which was what passed for an action toy back in the days before wind-up coin banks, foot-powered fire engines, and of course, plastic dolls that are supposed to look like movie stars.

This block makes a fun quilt, and if the right colors are chosen, it will appear to spin right there on the on the bed.
Artist: The TSC Design Team 

An original design by the artist. Artist: Brett Batchelder

What better way to pass the frigid days of winter (in a log cabin with little heat) than tucked under a cheerful quilt pieced in this beautiful pattern? Artist: Glenn Ritchey

This “Folk Art Sampler” is a collection of stars from the German-Bavarian, Norwegian, Swedish, American, French, and French Rococo traditions. Artist: Rebecca Cleghorn 

A popular design for Barn Quilts, the Twisting Star is a neat optical design, creating an almost-3D effect. It is a pinwheel-type block, often compared to a spinning fan. Artist: Woody & Pam Woodruff and Harmony Corvettes  

On the Underground Railroad, this was a signal to a slave to pack the items needed to travel by wagon or that could be used while travelling. It could also mean to pack the provisions necessary for survival, as if packing a wagon for a long journey, or to actually load the wagon in preparation for an escape.

Some records indicate this symbol meant a wagon with hidden compartments in which slaves could conceal themselves, would soon be embarking on the trip to freedom.
  Artist: Carrie Risse

This patriotic design was a summer project for the kids at Zion Summer Daze Camp. Artist: Zion Summer Daze Campers & Staff

 THAT'S ALL I have on the barn quilts. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did!


Valerie said...

Oh I like the Star Blocks. It must be very rewarding to be a designer.

Gail said...

Great quilts. I have a red and white monkey wrench made by Granny Pruett and Mom. The white part is bleached feed sacks. I love this quilt and it has been used only at Christmas for years. It graces the base of my Christmas tree.

otin said...

Some of those are very creative. I like the flag one.

Brian Miller said...

nice bit of history in there on their beliefs...i kept picking favorites...i think this one has many of my favs of the series...i like the creative pinwheel....

Eva Gallant said...

They are all amazing! I think my favorite is roses red and blue.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I love quilts, but lack the patience to make them. I did make two for my girls in the log cabin design. It was a quilt in a day class I took. I made two ..... always have to be the overachiever ....

Anonymous said...

all are amazing...pinwheel is my fav

Country Gal said...

Oh they are all lovely ! Awesome post and photos ! Love your header photo. Have a wonderful day !

labbie1 said...

I kept looking at the designs and saying "oh THAT's my favorite, no THAT's my favorite! Oh I like THIS one!"

In the end, the Wheel of Valor took my eye as top dog, but I also just loved Napa Burst (it was the red burst in the middle), Southern Star, Northern Star, Pinwheel, Star Blocks and Twisting Star...

I think I would like the wagon wheel in different colors...

I am currently working on a T-Shirt quilt for my son as well as one for my hubby and me. They are slated to be king size--although, I might scale them down to queen size. :)

Thanks so much for sharing these with me. I just LOVE them! :)

Bossy Betty said...

Love these bold patterns! The pinwheel is incredible!

Donna said...

Love Wheel of Valor!!!

Lynda said...

The Underground Railroad is fascinating to me. I wonder if I would have had the courage to help slaves to freedom. I like to think that I might have because I believe it was the right thing to do.