Monday, August 29, 2011

Up, Up and Away

First off, I want to thank everyone for the compliments on my new header. That bike is in my sister, Linda's, front yard. She picked up the bike at a garage sale, spray-painted it that neon green color, found baskets for it, then planted the flowers in it. Now you know WHY I call her Linda Martha Stewart.

 No Effects of Hurricane Irene by me over the weekend!

There is a "soaring club" near our campground. We pass it quite frequently. I kept telling Jim that one of these days I was going to stop there and take pictures.

Well this past Saturday we had the opportunity to do so.

Now for some reason, whenever I have a camera in my hand, I feel very bold and confident. It's almost like wearing a Superman Wonder Woman cape and having magical powers.

Wait. She wore a metal bra, right? Hmm....I wear an underwire bra, maybe THAT gives me confidence......oh I digress!

My point is, although  I can talk to most anyone,  I am shy in some circumstances. But put a camera in my hand and I act like it's a badge or a free pass.

Back to my story. So Jim and I walked onto the long rectangular field. The building was on our left. Jim hung way back. But not me.

I am woman, hear me roar.

There was a group of people huddled to the side. Some were sitting at a table with an umbrella over them that gave them some relief from the heat of the sun. I walked up to a man who looked like he was in charge; plus he was wearing a bright orange vest AND he carried a walkie/talkie.

"Do you mind if I take some pictures?" I asked him.

"Take all the pictures you want!" He replied quite friendly.

I waved Jim closer to me so he could get a better look at the planes.

This glider plane is waiting to be towed up into the air. (ENLARGE ALL PHOTOS TO SEE BETTER.)

We watched as a small plane landed on the field and came close to the glider plane. This man is carrying the tow rope over to the glider. Notice the rope is attached to the plane.

Now he hooks up the tow rope to the glider.

Ready for take off! Orange man holds the wing up and walks along until the plane goes faster.

And we have lift off!

 It just a minute or so, both planes were soaring in the clouds!

 Pretty soon it was time for the next glider to come on the field.

I boldly ran over and talked to the pilot, and asked if I could take his picture. He said "yes".

I explained that I didn't work for a newspaper or anything, and that the picture was for my blog. His friend say, "Hey, you stand next to him (Alex the pilot) and I'll take a picture of the two of you."

I said, "No, no, I don't want MY picture taken!"

He said, "Do you want to go up in an airplane?"

"No, no that's okay!"

"Sure, why not? He's a pilot! We have two-seaters over there!" He said, pointing to a larger plane.

He seemed to be doing all the talking for his friend.

I again declined and then I had to get off the field because the airplane was coming in for a landing.

Here are three gliders lined up waiting their turn. Geez, this is almost like the planes lined up at Chicago O'hare Airport!

Some of the gliders are kept in these funny looking boxes.

The gliders are stored in pieces. Here's one that was just being put together. I wish we could have stayed to see the wings put on. The fuselage just out of the box.

Inside the storage box.

Here is a quick clip that shows you how these planes are put together.

The second video is a short video from the Soaring Club. It's worth watching.

Now I just know, you are all thinking, "WHY DIDN'T YOU GO FOR A RIDE ON THAT PLANE?"

I obviously took off my WONDER WOMAN BRA because all my boldness left and I chickened out. Besides, when I looked this place up on the internet, I found out that there was a WEIGHT LIMIT to fly in the plane.

Would they have asked me how much I weighed? And would they have believed me?

Or worse still, would I have had to step on a scale? YIKES!!


Brian Miller said...

what...WHAT....go put that metal on and get up there...think how cool those pics would have been....smiles. nice pat.

Carletta said...

Along with everyone else, I LOVE the new header!
When I saw it I wished I had one and then I know me too well and know I just couldn't leave it in the weather to get rusted. :)
I would NEVER get in one of those planes even if I looked like and weighed the same as Wonder Woman!
These are great shots!
So, a metal bra might help me not be so afraid of taking pictures in public..... hmmmmm...

Valerie said...

Wow what an interesting post. I didn't know half of the things you mentioned, like the gliders being taken to bits to go in those containers. Can't wait to explain it all to hubs.

Saun said...

Thanks for sharing I do the same thing put a camera in my hand no fear. Awesome series

Bonnie said...

Oh bummer ... I was SO hoping you would take him up on the offer. Imagine the great shots you would get up there. The things we deny ourselves to preserve our self image - and I'm not just talking about you! :)

I DO love your new header. It looks like a professional staged shot!

Gail said...

I do like your header, just miss my house.

Those aren't airplanes, they're transformers and tiny, at that. No way I would fly in one!

Eva Gallant said...

I, too, love the header.

The photos and videos were awesome! Great job and thanks for sharing them with us!

Fragrant Liar said...

Oh man, that would have been a BLAST to go up in the glider, girl! Shoulda done it! Go back! ;-)

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

I love all your blog headers! They are some of the most awesome pictures ever! I want to draw some of them!

You just make me laugh! I know what you mean about being shy in most things but there are some that just give you a foot up in the world and your camera is it! What a glorious thing it is that you do! The camera and your story telling are just a few of the awesome things that you do! Thanks for sharing some of your awesomeness with the rest of us folks!

Anonymous said...

what amazing pics you would get from way up high....and you would so rock that metal bra ;)

Donna said...

NoNooo! You SHOULD have gone!!!Hahaaaa...TOO Cool are these shots Pat!!
Oh well, maybe next time!!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

that's amazing! glider planes scare the dickens out of me.

i love your new header, too. i need some pizzaz on my blogs but just haven't gotten around to doing it yet.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I wouldn't have gone either if I had to be weighed!! When I renewed my license and we got to the weight part, I had every intention of lying, but she just copied the previous lie I had told!

labbie1 said...

Cool! I wouldn't have flown. I don't fly in COMMERCIAL planes--not gonna go in private ones! LOL

Lynda said...

That video was really interesting. I wondered how they landed so was glad to see that part especially. I was thinking I would like an engine but as the video said, with a glider, you don't have to worry about the engine quitting. Thank you once again for giving us an education!

Rita said...

I can see why you call her Martha Stewart--LOL! That bike is so charming.
I am afraid of heights, so I'd pass--but I love seeing film of gliding. Makes me wish I wasn't so afraid. :)