Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pat's Ponderings

To recap from yesterday's post......just about EVERYBODY saw the gorilla on the shirt. And EVERYBODY saw the cat....once I mentioned it.

So I guess only I have the "I-can't-see-the-gorilla-in-the-T-shirt" problem.


Two people found the man in the coffee beans. For the rest of you, here he is:

Here's the photo again without him circled.

Doesn't he JUMP RIGHT OUT OF THE PHOTO now that you know where he is?

Does anybody know what the heck this thing is?

That is a flexible tubing that I think might be protecting some kind of a pipe. We were behind this truck for a couple of blocks on Sunday. I asked Jim what he thought this was .....and he was STUMPED.

Now that doesn't happen every day, folks. Jim knows just about everything. (Don't tell him that I said that, puleez!)

I told Jim to pull up alongside the truck and ask the guys what it was on the back of their truck, so Jim did as he was told. But as soon as we pulled alongside, the light turned green, so we'll NEVER know, unless one of you can enlighten us.

By the way, when I came home I wrote on the calendar "Jim was stumped today". Like I said, doesn't happen very often around here. Me? It's a daily occurrence.

Being that we always seem to be in Big Blue

traveling on the road somewhere, we have satellite radio. Yeah, yeah, I know there's some of you out there that think it's ridiculous to pay for radio. Well, when you travel as much as we do, it's nice to listen to the radio that a) has NO COMMERCIALS and b) has radio stations that I am familiar with instead of constantly flipping the dial trying to tune in a channel as we drive from town to town. I like the variety satellite offers. For instance, if one day I want to listen strictly to Elvis, I just push a button. Or, if Elvis has left the building, or my mood has changed to, let's say, Bruce Springsteen, there's a channel for THAT. There's 60's, 70's, 80's, etc. You get my drift. This is sounding like a commercial for satellite radio. That wasn't my intent.

I could have just cut to the chase and started my story with how I had the 60's channel on the other day. And on came the weirdest song I have ever heard, sung by Tommy James and the Shondells. In fact, I have NEVER heard this song before. It's called, "Jam Up and Jelly Tight".

Here are the words:


Jam up and jelly tight
My, my, my baby
Now you're outta sight
Jam up and jelly tight
You look a little naughty
But you're so polite
Jam up and jelly tight
You won't say you will but
There's a chance that you might

I said the first day I met you
Someday I'm gonna pet you
Now you're here and baby I love it
So come on and give me some lovin
Jam up and jelly tight
Jam up and jelly tight

You've got a sweet disposition
So come on and give me permission
For one kiss and maybe another
You'll see we were meant for each other
Jam up and jelly tight
Jam up and jelly tight

Here it is sung by Tommy Roe.

Supposedly Tommy Roe said that "Jam up and jelly tight" was something his dad said when things were going well.

Other people think this song has a sexual undertone. Even to the point that "jam up and jelly tight" has to do with diaphragms an spermicide/sex.

What do YOU think?

You know how they say that you should never go grocery shopping when you are hungry?

There's a reason for that.

The other day Jim and I stopped at the grocery store after doing our laundry. We hadn't eaten lunch yet, and it was about 2:00 in the afternoon.

This was not good.

I was ravenous.

In fact, my stomach was growling so loud it's a wonder that people didn't think that a lion had escaped and was running through the store.

This little bag of heaven beckoned to me from the shelf.

Made in Italy.

Have you ever known anything made in Italy to taste bad?


These delightful little bite-size morsels had a smear of hazelnut between each layer of wafer.

A little bit of heaven in each bite.


And if you look closely at the bag it says: Hazelnut - Noisette

I don't believe the word "Noisette" really means "Hazelnut".

It means the noise you make when you eat these tiny tasteful tidbits.

The moaning. The smacking of the lips. The licking of the fingers.

And that myth about not shopping when you are hungry? It's true.

Jim and I ripped into that bag of heaven right in the parking lot and we just about finished it by the time we got home. The only reason there were ANY left was because I forced the bag out of Jim's hand and said, "I HAVE to save some for photos for THE BLOG!"

Jim growled at me like a dog with a bone in his mouth.

He got over it. I threw him the leftover cookies today.


Valerie said...

Delightful post, Pat. I really must look out for those wafers, they sound like heaven in a bag. Thanks for telling me where the little man was in amongst the beans. All I can offer about the odd looking load is that it is an almost empty cable reel. No?

Brian Miller said...

well i will try singing that song to my wife...and will tell you the fan on the back of the truck is obviously responsible for keeping all the hot air rising thus resulting in more tolerable temperatures for us all...

Eva Gallant said...

That was a fun post! I have no idea what the gadget was on the truck! I was looking for the face of a man, not his bald head! That was excellent! And those goodies did look pretty delicious!

Saun said...

So what do you pull behind big blue? My husband is a truck driver, and I go with him occasionally when I'm not working.Thanks for pointing out the man in the coffee beans. That was fun....

Country Gal said...

I have heard that song just didnt know who it was song by or the title ! yup never go shoping when your hungry ya get more then ya need lol YUMMY those wafers are goood ! Great post and photos ! Have a wonderful day !

Donna said...

The cookies look Great!
Nope, I didnt find the mans head Either!Hahaaa

The top photo is a cable or flexible pipe holder. As they drive down the road whatever is loaded on the spindle, un-winds as needed for the job they are working on.

labbie1 said...

Looks like a reel of electric cable. You can get the reels at places like this:
And use them for whatever you are running. In this case it looks like they were running insulated electric lines.

Thanks for showing us where the man was in the coffee beans! Now he really DOES just jump out at me!


kisatrtle said...

Glad you posted where the man was and as for a butt knuckle, i have no idea what it

becky said...

I think it is some sort of watering/sprinkler device. I hope you'll let us know! The man in the coffee? who cares- just give me the coffee. I always make poor choices when i go to the store hungry. it's hard enough to eat well as it is. I am a sucker for anything sweet & chocolately!

SquirrelQueen said...

That contraption on the trailer does look like some sort or reel but I actually have no idea.

I do remember that song, Tommy Roe was one of my favorites for a few months. Hey, I was a young teen so a few months was a long time.

Those wafers do look yummy!

The Retired One said...

Jam up and Jelly tight was one of my favorite songs of the 60's/70's...loved that group. LOL I have no idea what that gadget was on that truck either! Aliens I tell ya!!!