Saturday, August 27, 2011

Lovely Lake Geneva

A few weeks ago Jim and I drove up to the quaint village of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, population less than 8,000. Lake Geneva is located close to the Illinois  border and on the beautiful Geneva Lake. The center of the town is full of shops and restaurants and is popular with tourists.

We went to this town to visit our friend, Carol, who we actually met in Mesa, AZ. She spends her winters in the same resort that we do.We became good friends and have shared many a good times together!

(l to r) me, Jim, Carol
We arrived at Carol's house right around the lunch hour. Carol wanted us to eat lunch at Popeye's.

Well, in my HEAD I'm thinking, Say what? Popeye's Chicken?

Isn't there a better place to eat in the area?

But my MOUTH says, "Sure, that would be fine!"

But Carol was talking about a DIFFERENT Popeye' eclectic restaurant located right on the shores of Lake Geneva.

As soon as we walked into the place, I knew I'd like it. We were lucky enough to snag a table right by the window, so we had a view of the lake.

I looked around the room and many things caught my eye. Like the fact that the bar was shaped like a boat.

I bet many a drunk has felt up the knockers of that fair maiden on the front of that ship!

Speaking of knockers........I LOVED this mermaid hanging from the ceiling!

Let's get a closer look, shall we?

Gee, I would look EXACTLY like that if I were to put a couple of clam shells on my ta-ta's. Except that I don't have long hair. And I have a big belly, too. But other than that, yeah, we would be IDENTICAL.

Anyclam, after a delicious lunch we walked around a little bit.

Your carriage awaits m'lady!

Another way to see the town is to rent one of these converted motorcycles. Aren't they darling?

This beautiful fountain is right across from the restaurant.

The sign for the fountain: (Click to enlarge)

Back of fountain

We took a wonderful cruise on this paddleboat called, "The Lady of the Lake".

View onboard the ship.

It was a beautiful day, AND perfect weather to take a one-hour tour (I KNOW you are all singing 3-hour tour of Gilligan's Island at this point, but try to pay attention, will ya?)  It was a perfect opportunity to show the "have-nots" what the "haves" have.

Who knew there were millionaires living right on the shores of Lake Geneva? Now I know, and you will, too, once you take a gander at some of these mansions right along the lake. You've GOT to enlarge the photos to REALLY see what you are missing!

I believe this mansion (below) is on the Wrigley property. You know, as in "Wrigley Field" where the Chicago Cubs play ball, or "Wrigley Gum". Yeah, those people. This is one of several buildings on their land. Our tour guide told us that lake front property is currently selling for approximately $20,000 A FOOT. The Wrigley's own A MILE of lakefront property. So, there's 5,280 FEET in a MILE. (YES, I HAD to look that up!) 5,280 x $20,000 = a shitload of money or $105,600,000.   I'm sure that doesn't account for how far BACK the property goes, and of course, the BUILDINGS on the land, so let's just say that they have a bazillion dollars and leave it at that, m'kay?

Now THESE people decided to make their guest house look like a boat! How cool is that?

Finally, this was the LARGEST house ever built in Lake Geneva. The Stone Manor, built in 1901, by Otto Young. It has several floors in it! It is now split up into various luxurious condominiums.

I found this video showing the inside of Stone Manor.

If you feel energetic, a pathway runs the whole way around the lake, a distance of about 20 miles.

This means you could get up close and personal to some of the mansions. And turn around and see their view of the lake.



Brian Miller said...

wow they do a little fancy living over on that shore...that is a huge house...sounds like a great trip...and i think i might eat at that popeyes...smiles.

Brian Miller said...

love your header by the way...

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new header :) This looks so amazing, what a beautiful place. And you are looking very fetching my dear :)

And ya know I love the mermaid with her boobies hanging down ;)

Eva Gallant said...

How sad that people have to live in such hardship circumstances! Who da' thunk that chewing gum could do all that!

Rita said...

Whoever carved the mermaid must have had a live model--ROFL!! The carriage ride would be my pick. :)

The boat ride was amazing! All those mansions tucked away all around the lake. Wow! I watched the video. Maybe they'd take 2 mil 5? ROFL! Pretty fancy condo.

You all looked happy! Sounds like you had an awesome visit! :)

Valerie said...

Pat, your header is terrific. I absolutely love it. As for the mansions... well, if you hear of one going vacant would you please let me know.

Kat said...

I agree about your new header, Pat. That is one fantastic shot!

Looks like you had a great time in Lake Geneva. Now, that's my kind of place ;-)

Gail said...

Beautiful place to see. Just imagine, chewing gum built that house!

In my neck of the woods, eight thousand is not a "mere" population of people, that's a lot of people...try 22 which is the population of Guion located on the beautiful White river. The land still sells by the acre there.

As usual, a wonderful tour...seeing the world through Pat's eyes is great...thank you.

I have a question: Where the hell is my house from the header???

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

wow. wow. wow. i can't even think of anything else to say.


Ami said...

Those people need to come visit me... I'll show them how the other half lives. ;)

I like the photo at the top, too... but I really love the person who came up with the idea of what to do with an old bicycle.


Snowflake said...

That's so great that you were able to visit Carol, you are all looking fabulous!!! I love your new header, it's amazing the creative ideas some people come up with!!! Wonderful photos as usual!!!


You outdid yourself with this one. Who could take a little trip and turn it into a travel extravaganza.
You are creative and you do look great in the photo.
Friend musta been happy to see you two.
Our daughter has been to Lake Geneva and said it was beautiful. Here's proof. AND I did bring the mansions up close. Whew - Lordy Me. Those folks do have some money.
Take us on your next trip. Bless you, Barb


OH, I want a ride on that green bike at the top of the page. Beautiful heading, as always!

Saun said...

Love your header I have bikes in my flower garden.Would love to have that green one.Looks like you had a great time. I want to go there :)

labbie1 said...

I love the header and the mask you used on the photo just makes it even better!

I wonder if they would trade even up--the condo for my 5th wheel? LOL

The first thing I thought when looking at the mansions was--geez! I'd HATE to have to CLEAN that house! Then, of course, I had to remind myself that if I had that house the HELP would be cleaning it! LOL I DO have my own golf cart to ride to the lake from the condo though--does that count?

Bet when the Wrigley mansion was built the land wasn't a DIME over $10,000 a foot! LOL

LOVE the 3 wheel motorcycles. I just saw one like that and it was explained that the British came up with that design because it is similar to a car, but you only had to have a motorcycle license and thus didn't have to pay the auto tax in England. Kind of a mother of invention thing there huh? :)

Wish I was still in NY so I could go and visit the fountain in Central Park. That would be cool!

Great tour--thanks for taking me along, Pat. You're looking good!

kisatrtle said...

Such beautiful photos

Carletta said...

Are we sure that guest 'boathouse' doesn't actually come out of that alcove and float on it's own?
Wow, I'm very poor! :)