Monday, June 22, 2009

Rub-a-dub-dub, naked lady in the shower?

One household chore I hate the most is cleaning the shower stall. So I procrastinate and don't clean it as often as I should. Our shower stall is big by trailer standards, but small, I suppose, by regular house standards.

You can see that it has a fancy curved glass door that swings open and shut. It's not that cleaning is so hard; it's being confined into such a small space. Yeah, I know, I shower in it every day, but that's different. I'm in, I'm out, badda bing, badda boom. Scouring the walls takes a while. Luckily when I clean the fiberglass walls I can prop the glass door open to let some air in there. Also, my big butt can fit out the door. Did I mention that I clean the stall in my underwear? I used to wear clothes and found out that

a) it was too hot and
b) I got too wet.

I've thought about just being naked and cleaning it (there's the Naked Chef, right? Why not the Naked House Cleaner?) but

a) the thought of cleaning chemicals and my privates don't mix and
b) I'd hate to leave butt cheek kisses on the glass.

I don't mind so much cleaning our bathroom. As you can see, it's pretty teeny tiny.

It's like stepping into a confessional. In the Catholic religion, you'd go into the confessional, kneel on the kneeler, and a little red light would go on outside of the door to indicate someone was in the confessional. I always said that when my kids were little, my toilet at home had the same kind of light hooked up to it because as soon as I sat down on it, my front porch light would switch on, and the kids would come running in from outside yelling for me, or wanting me to do something.

At least we have a window and a skylight in our little bathroom or I'd really feel claustrophobic. Anyhoo, you know how the opposite sex is supposed to be attracted to the smell of pheromones? My husband is attracted to the smell of a clean toilet. Yes, folks, Clorox turns him on. Or at least gets him "going". I swear that I can NOT have a clean toilet for more than 5 minutes without my husband coming in there and putting his mark on it. It NEVER fails. It's actually become a joke between us. Somehow, someway, my husband knows I've just cleaned the toilet. He can be working outside, but I'll just pop the little end of my toilet wand:

finishing wiping off the seat and here comes my hubby, unbuckling his belt and holding his pants up in anticipation.


WhisperingWriter said...

I hate cleaning bathrooms. Period.

Valerie said...

I just did mine on Sunday. Thankfully it's a shower in the bathroom so there was room to move. Not a job I like doing though. I like the door on yours.

Wendy said...

I vote for the naked cleaning. If you use natural ingredients you don't have to worry about fumes OR your private parts. I bet you can find some great natural cleaning remedies on the Net. Oh... and here's an idea... you and hubby wrap yourselves in cleaning rags and shower TOGETHER. All that moving around is bound to clean something. Hee hee.