Sunday, June 7, 2009

Goodwill Hunting

It used to be frowned upon to just ENTER a Goodwill Store. But thanks to the declining economy (there's the silver lining!) it's now acceptable and actually trendy to buy things from Goodwill. I just like the thrill of the hunt.

When we're in Arizona for the winter, my friends and I visit the Goodwill stores quite frequently. There are at least three stores within driving distance from our resort. (The term "resort" is used loosely here.) We like to shop on the 50% off Saturdays. Could you imagine? Everything in the store is half off. It's a shopper's paradise. True, most of the items are not top-notch, but if you hunt around, you can get great bargains. If you're lucky, you can grab one of these to store all your goodies in while you browse the sales.

I'm more the books, kitchen gadgets, picture frames, kinda gal. Although I did break down and buy four purses on my last visit for a total of $14. My one friend, Judy, goes ga-ga over the shoes. She's found some very expensive shoes (I can't remember the brand names - this from someone who buys Crocs), that she's paid as little as 50 cents.

I did buy some clothing one visit. I paid a whopping $2.50 per item and left with two blouses and a sweater, all in great condition.

On another visit I bought this coffee table for $6.99.

Yes it's banged up, but half the fun will be restoring it. That will be my summer project. I'm thinking of tiling the top of it since it has that nice lip around the edges. Stay tuned.

I just stumbled upon a gold mine. Goodwill has an on-line auction! You can go to and see all kinds of goodies. The items are from Goodwill Stores all over the United States. Now, instead of my feet hurting from a day of shopping, I'll just develop carpal tunnel syndrome!

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