Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Parade

We had a big St. Patrick's Day celebration here at the park. It started off with a wonderful parade.

This is our beautiful Emcee, E.J.

Decorated golf carts and even a BOAT!

The Fiesta Kitchen Band

Here is the back of that golf cart - the guy is doing the "Irish jig" and is belted in so he doesn't fall off the cart!

The Val Vista Charity Quilters - (a future post is planned on these fine ladies!)

Some of our "Red Hatters"

Always a crowd favorite......The Lawn Chair Brigade!

Jim is the second from the left. "Attention!"

"Right Shoulder Chair"

"Straighten 'em up!"

"Hand on chair"

"Hike 'em up" (the pants)

"Flip chair"

"Sit down!"

"Left! Left! Left, right, left!"

The Drillettes (lady marchers)

Even our dogs are Irish!

Some more "Red Hatters". Or should I say "Mad Hatters"? That's what it would be if I joined!

Another decorated cart

Let's peek inside that cart....two Irish princesses!

An oldie but a goodie, and I'm not talking about the people inside!

I don't know if this is a good idea in a senior park, with SENIORS driving no less, but they covered the front shield of their golf cart so they had to peek around it to see. Maybe they were hoping on the "Luck of the Irish" that they wouldn't hit anyone? Ha ha!

An Irishman on a recumbent three-wheeler!

This group is another crowd favorite. Every year they come up with a comical idea, and this year they didn't disappoint us!

These were the "pole" dancers, who each grabbed a piece of fabric and danced around the pole.

Just love their names!

There was jousting in the street!

Sir Lust-a-Lot

The Knights of the Tempted

Sheriff of Nottieham (naughtyham)

This wench was eyeing one of the parade watchers, who happened to be my friend's husband, Bob!

"Going Green" golf cart

This year's parade featured a lot of people's pets. It was pretty cute!

And this, my friend, says it all....

There was a hamburger fry after the parade. For six bucks you get a hamburger with all the trimmings including lettuce, tomato, cheese, and grilled onions, bag of chips, beans, and some ice cream. It also include a pop or one green beer. I didn't take a photo of the cooks, but this is the line for condiments and such.

You could either choose to sit inside the ballroom, or outside and listen to the band playing in the courtyard.

There was a crowd in both places. Here is the courtyard.

Did YOU see a leprechaun yesterday? I did!

I hope you had a great St. Patrick's Day!


Brian Miller said...

ha the chair brigade always steals the show for the knights of the tempted was a close second this all the characters and costumes....

Country Gal said...

Fantastic photos ! Looks like all had a great time ! Have a good day !


As always, Pat, a very funny post. Loved all the pictures. I need to live there and not here. BORING.
Blessings, Barb

Adam said...

nice parade we don't even have one in my town

kisatrtle said...

This looks like so much fun. I wish you had video of the lawn chair dance as it looks hysterical

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

What a fun day!! I could almost hear all the excitement and smell the burgers!!

katie eggeman said...

It looks to be a lot of fun!

DesertHen said...

Wow! That's a lot of fun going on in one place! Love the guys with the folding lawn chairs!

Liz said...

That looks like it was just a blast! I'm glad you had a great parade and day.

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Y'all just have way too much fun!

Unknown said...

What great photos! Looks like you did it up big time!

SUGAR MOON said...

Loved it! Thanks for sharing. I loved the chair brigade. You don't see many chairs like that anymore. I have one! Ha!

A New England Life said...

What the hell, Pat! Do you guys ever go a day without a party? LOL!!! Honest to goodness I wish I could have this much fun in a years time! Man my life is so boring.

Nezzy (Cow Patty Surprise) said...

Oh my goodness glory girl...I'm late to this party.

What a colorful parade and even more colorful people.

I loved attendin' through your most wonderful pictures sweetie. They are great!

God bless ya and have yourself a marvelous spring day!!! :o)

Gail said...

That's alotta green!

Retirement looks good.

SquirrelQueen said...

Your community knows how to do parades for sure. It looks like everyone had a fantastic time.

My favorite is, as always, The Lawn Chair Brigade. I would love to see that in person sometimes.