Thursday, February 14, 2013

Hit or Miss Valentine's Gifts

So, yeah.

It's Valentine's Day. Yippee.

And even though everyone knows that this day falls on February 14th EVERY YEAR, some of you men will be scrambling to buy a last minute gift, possibly stopping at the corner drugstore, or WAL-MART to pick up a box of candy,

or maybe a silly stuffed something-or-other

Maybe you'll buy your significant other some flowers

If you are not a couple who like to go out and do it up big, maybe you would prefer to stay home, order a pizza, (preferably heart-shaped)

add a little vino

Throw in a chick flick like "Love Actually"

You could even go so far as to leave a message written in candy hearts for your loved one. Those are always fun.

Now that I've given you some regular, albeit, run-of-the-mill ideas for Valentine's Day, here are some bizarre  and/or cool ideas. You decide.

A Bouquet full of Unicorns

Not sure if this would win you points or not. Available here for $49.99

World's Largest Gummy Bear

This actually is a pretty awesome gift, especially if your significant other is a gummy bear lover. This large bear is equivalent to 1400 small ones! Only $37.99 and available at Amazon.

Heart Gelatin Mold*

The TRUE meaning of giving someone your heart. And then watch them eat it.

Available here for $6.95

*Ideal for vampires, medical students and cannibals.

Blow up Heart

I guess I'd rather receive THIS than a whole blow-up doll! But I'm telling you, if my boyfriend/husband gave me this for Valentine's Day I'd think "cheap", since it's only $4.95 and available here. Of course, it IS plastic and you COULD use the deflated heart to smother the cheapskate while you are in bed. Wait....did I type that OUT LOUD? Snort!

Underpants Sucker

Here's another way to say, "Eat my shorts"! Don't know if I could bring myself to lick these, especially if there is a caramel stripe down the center. (Oh no, I did not go there!)

Why this was listed as a Valentine's gift is beyond me - I think it is supposed to show people that a person is against the holiday and chocolate candy. Whatever. My freaky flag flies whether I'm eating underpants on a stick or not.

suckers  $3.45  available here

Bottle Stopper

Now this? THIS I find funny. But why it was listed as a Valentine's gift leaves me scratching my head a little. Available at amazon.

Tunes for Two

I think this is probably THE best idea on this post.

How cute is this? So two people can listen to the same song at the same time. Aww! Only $11.95 and available here.

Of course, we have to throw in a couple of bedroom items. Like this one.

Ask Me First

Well, unless this puppy glows in the dark or is written in braille, what good is it? Just saying......
Available from Amazon for $3.52

And finally, for the man in your life,

Elephant Willy Warmer

Uh, yeah. One size fits most. In reading the reviews, seems to run a little small, unless the reviewers were braggarts. These are handmade by the seller's grandmother!

"Our Wild Willy Warmer will keep your todger toasty and your sack snug as you prance around your home (or office), wiggling your knitted trunk at everyone you meet. My Gran has been knitting these for weeks. You ask for something to keep your egg and spoon warm and this is what you get."  Amazon $3.17

So - there you have it folks! Hints to help you have a better Valentine's Day with your sweetheart!

You're Welcome!


Marleen said...

You made it certainly interesting! ;))
I love the tunes for two.

Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

hardly know what to say about some of these - we're buying each other nothing but we are going to a Valentine's tea do this afternoon

SquirrelQueen said...

Pat, once again I am amazed at the products you turned up.

Laughing at the Elephant Willy Warmer. A friend of mine in Alaska used to knit these, she called them Family Jewel Warmers and sold them at arts & Crafts show. One time when I was at a show with her a lady came over to the table. She picked up one of the Family Jewel Warmers, turned to her husband who was three table lengths away, and said in a very loud voice, "Honey, we should get one of these for your brother, Dick."

Wayne (Woody), whatever said...

Lots of 'interesting' ideas :-)

Brian Miller said...

hahaha i need to get me one of those sock warmer things for these cold months...just saying....hahaha

Tanya Breese said...

the elephant willie warmer cracked me up!

Wendy said...

Pat, i absolutely LOVE the Bottle Stopper!!

...and you know men. Valentine's day or *any* day, they're always looking for a place to put their "stopper".

Banker Chick said...

Funny gifts, real thoughtfullness, going on there.

Bossy Betty said...

I want the unicorns. NOW! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

Lois Evensen said...

So funny! Some great gift ideas here. :) Happy Valentine's Day to you, too. :)

Liz said...

I love the bottle stopper! We don't "do" anything for Valentine's Day. We'll head to our favorite resturants's bar for some beer after work (and food too!). That's enough celebrating for me.