Sunday, May 9, 2010

Odd Towns Names, Weird Signs, and Things We Passed on the Road

Hello my little chickadees! Today I'm going to show you some of the wild, wonderful things in this beautiful world of ours! So buckle up your seat belts. Ready?

First up: Odd Town Names

Here is the town of Kiester. Kiester in old folk talk means "buttocks" in case you didn't know. Like, "She fell right on her kiester (or keister)." Pronounced key-stir. Maybe the town is pronounce Keye-stir. That would make the townsfolk feel better than saying they come from a town of butt cheeks.

I wonder if any losers live in Winner? I wonder if I lived in Winner if I'd finally win something?

I just liked the name of this town. Blue Earth. How cool is that? I wonder if Rare Earth is just south of there?

But guess who lives in Blue Earth?

photo courtesy of

Yes! It's the Jolly Green Giant! I thought I could see him from the highway, but it wasn't to be. I guess he's just a couple blocks away, but we didn't take the time to pull off and visit him. If I were in a car, I'd DEFINITELY visit the Giant!

This next sign isn't a town, but a road. I wonder if there's been any sightings?

Now it's time for some crazy/odd/weird/funny billboard signs.

Subliminal advertising. You'd better stop to pee here!

You KNOW you want me!

Let's all get ready for a Hemp Hoe Down! Is that like a square dance or what?

This firetruck on end will sure catch your attention to eat at the Firehouse Brewing Company. I wonder if the food is really spicy?

Can anyone explain the following sign to me? Why are Hunters welcome at a small animals veterinary clinic? I'm stumped.

And now, just a hodge-podge of things that caught my eye. Like this for instance. Not something you'd see everyday.

On silver pond

We saw lots and lots of muskrat homes in the creeks and marshes that we passed.

This sculpture stood out in the distance. Like, WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?

It's from Porter Sculpture Park, located in Montrose, SD. Another place I wished I had stopped. Click here and/or here to see more pictures of the bizarre sculptures. It is worth it!

Grazing buffalo

In Minnesota, I noticed that bluebird houses were attached behind several of the signs for the westbound traffic on I-90. I had never seen that before. I'd be surprised if birds actually settled in the houses with all the traffic going by, but you never know.

Hope you enjoyed your ride!


Steven Anthony said...

I love names....right outside Pigion fordge tenn is a creek called stinking creek, just cracks me up everytime I see it ;)

Karen said...

We pass the Kiester sign frequently... gotta love it...

misslynda said...

There is a lot of fun out there when you travel if you look for it. Thanks for finding it for us!

Brian Miller said...

oh my you have captured so much fun of the road the signs and random stuff...i would never get any where taking too many side paths...

Mama Zen said...

I want to go to the Hemp Hoe Down!

Senor Ping said...

You should visit and photograph "Climax" Saskatchewan.... its not far from Moose Jaw!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

very cool. love the sculptures.

Gail said...

How did I miss this one? I guess I was sitting on my keister.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Wonder what exactly one does at the Hemp Hoe Down. There is a Testicle Festival nearby........guess what is on the menu? I won't be going.

becky said...

I had a friend with the last name of Keaster... I got some good jokes out of that one! :)
I LOVE that skeleton scuplture. How cool is that?!

Laura said...

Those sculptures are awesome.

Tammy said...

To Steven above,,,,I was on a cruise in March--on the Carnival Dream and during one of the shows, the Cruise Director introduced a guy from Stinking Creek, Willard was his name and the CD couldn't believe there was a town with such a name. The story carried us along with laughs all week long.

Pat, love your blog, thanks for sharing.

Allen said...

Can I unbuckle my seat belt now? =o)

I love taking road trips with you. You make them so much fun.

Have you pranked anyone lately?