Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Incorrect Test Answers from Kids

I admit I totally swiped this from the website The following are actually answers on tests that kids wrote down (or drew). Read them an weep!

That would hurt!

I am jealous of Cora's penis collection.

I can see know, safety scissors?

I, personally, am kind of afraid of hores. My legs hurt when I try to ride one. One tried to throw me off. I don't think hores like me. Maybe if I had a hore of my own we could be friends.
Gosh, makes a parent proud, doesn't it?
Ride a dick - a noun AND a verb. Wow. I think this girl is going to grow up to be a hore with her legs straight up. (See sticker story above.)
Beware! Kung Fu midgets on the loose!
Just what we are looking for: a teacher who encourages good habits in our kids!
I saved the best for last. This kid must be a real class clown. I like how the teacher suggests to hang this on the student's refrigerator! Click to enlarge if you can't read it!

Exaggerating the size of one's penis begins in puberty.


desertsandbeyond said...

Oh, my gosh! Those are PRECIOUS! I once intercepted a note in class that said, "You are my beast fiend!"...hmmm.... (best friend). I also seem to get a lot of "You are my beast techer." Really, I'm a beast? That's news to me! I nearly lost my coffee this morning over some of these. Thanks for sharing!!!!

Brian Miller said...

bwahaha! that is awesome...kung fun are some awesome kids....

Unknown said...

What a panic! Thanks for sharing!

The Uncommon Willow said...

LOL - i'd seen some before but not the last one for sure. hilarious!

Ami said...

Those are hysterical. :-D

Scissors? I thought that was a sword! Remember that???

Anonymous said...

omg these made me snort :)

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing I was sitting down, or else I would have fallen from laughing so hard.


Rob-bear said...

Peculiar, precocious children. Unrelenting wisdom.

AiringMyLaundry said...

Holy crap--hilarious!!

I love that horse one.