Friday, January 11, 2013

Smart Phones Do NOT Make Smart People

I mentioned in a previous post that Jim and I finally purchased smart phones. What can I say? We're a little slow on the uptake.

Anyway, we had to go to the Apple store because I was having some problems with my phone. If you've never been in one of these stores, let me tell's mobbed with people. ALL.THE.TIME. You can not just walk in and have a "Tech" look at your phone. You have to schedule an appointment. Granted, it could be within the hour (one time we had to wait 2 hours). Most people just mill around and either play with the store's equipment or just talk. There are only a few stools available, and those apparently are reserved for the "training" table for the customers who purchased new equipment and needed some tutoring.(I observed that most of the customers WERE young and didn't seemed bothered by standing around for a long time.) I have some physical issues, so standing for any length of time is not good. I swiped a stool as soon as one was available, and Jim did likewise. One of the workers looked at me kind of funny and I told him that I couldn't stand. He seemed okay about it.

While we were awaiting our turn, I watched an elderly man sitting across the table from us getting tutored on his new purchase of a Mac Computer. It had a very large monitor. When the lesson was over, the old man began packing up his computer. I looked over at him and smiled. He smiled back. I turned my head the other way, then glanced back and he was standing RIGHT next to me. I let out a little scream and said, "Oh! You scared me!"

He laughed and said, "All this technology! I think for OUR generation - it's harder to grasp! This younger generation! I think they have a special compartment in their brain to deal with technology!"

I laughed and said, "Yes, my granddaughter likes to play games on my phone and she's 4!"

Jim commented how he has problems with the keyboard because his fingers are too big.

We all laughed and then he walked away.

After he packed up and left, I leaned over to Jim and said, "Can you believe that guy thought I was from HIS generation? C'mon, he was a LOT older that me! He was a LEAST YOUR age!"

Plus, I was feeling pretty smug. I knew my way around the computer. I have a blog. I'm on Facebook. I'm on Pintrest. I email. I thought I WAS pretty "techie", you know?

And then the "tech" came back with a new phone for me.

She said, "Can I put your case on this?" (Meaning, could she take the case off my old phone and put it on the new phone.)

And do you know what this smug, tech-know-it-all replied?

"What? You want to put my FACE on it? NO!"

I thought she wanted to take a picture of my FACE and put it on my PHONE for the wallpaper.

Uh, yeah.

She said, "No, CASE. Can I put your CASE on the phone?"

"Oh my gosh, I thought you said 'face'."

She said, "That is really funny!"

I'm sure she was thinking, "This woman is really stupid!"

I said, "I am so embarrassed! It's hell getting old!"

Apparently I AM old enough to be in the old guy's generation!


Brian Miller said...

seriously, dont use pictures of me without kids know more about my phone than i ever care to know....ha

Betty Manousos said...

that photo made me lol!
i still can't believe that i don't know a thing about smart phones.
i don't even own a smart phone.
i must say this post has made me laugh out loud!

have a great weekend~



You are not nearly as old as the old man. He's OLD. I'm nearly there except I have teeth.
I do have a smart phone and I'm slowly learning to use it. My grand daughter taught me some of the tricks, such as putting smiles on my text etc. I still have a ways to go. I actually face timed her recently. Like I need to be seen when speaking on the phone. But the kiddies like it.
Good luck with your phones.
I wish they'd stop right now coming up with new crap. Blessings, Barb

Jeannine Breton said...

That was sssssoooo realistic!!!! I do not have a smart phone, but my daughter wants to update my cell phone. Scary, I like my old[7 yrs]flip cell phone.....I am afraid 'cause I know it won't make me any smarter

Eva Gallant said...

I don't have a smart phone and don't want one. I am no technologically inclined!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Laughing with you not at you -- I just got my first smart phone so Yeah!!!! I am definitely in that guys generation. Our Verizon store gives classes and I think I'm going to sign up for some (with the 20 year old techie person).

Al Penwasser said...

They wouldn't sell me a Smart Phone.
Apparently, I flunked the IQ test.

Anonymous said...

The Apple store is just the best place for anything techie.

As for it always being crowded, I always make my appt for very early in the morning. The store allows those with appts in before it opens to the general public. It's usually empty when I go except for the others doing lessons.

I too have done the lessons to learn how to make videos. I also took a group class when I bought my first iPhone. I'm on my second one now and wouldn't think of having any other phone. It's like carrying a computer every where I go.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I will just stick with my dumb phone. I don't text or take photos with mine. I just recently learned how to add a new number to my contact list. All by myself! I was so proud. I feel like an antique!

Valerie said...

Had to smile about the CASE, Pat, although we don't use that expression here. I love technology and all my gadgets. I firmly believe I was born in the wrong

Mama Zen said...

Me, too!

Fit and Healthy Baby Boomers said...

Oh darn, we are getting 'that' old. Thank goodness my daughter is close by. I'd never be able to blog without her. "Laura, how do I make a button, . . .?

SquirrelQueen said...

That is so funny and no, you are not in that guys generation.

I love my smart phone and anything tech related. I went with the Android instead of Apple and it is fantastic. The other day I asked one of my friends who has an iPhone why she was typing out a text message. She gave me a blank stare and I explained that my Android has voice to text, no app required, it's built in. You just talk and it appears on the screen, then send. Love it!