Friday, July 22, 2011

To Pee or not to pee....that is the question

Men have been programmed to pee in front of each other since they were little boys. I'm sure most boys played the game of  "Let's see who can pee the farthest" or what boy hasn't peed in the yard while playing outside with his friends?

It's a whole different story with women. We may all "go to the bathroom together", but we don't GO to the bathroom together. Capisce?

I'm not used to seeing pee coming out of a woman's who-ha.And I'm not about to start, either.

But apparently, that might change in the future. Hopefully, it will be in the distant future.

This company out of Denmark (Dezeen) has made some prototype female urinals.

You heard me.

It is called the Pollee, and there are three different prototypes: Pollee Shy, Pollee Topless and Pollee Naked. (Leave it up to a man to name urinals something sexist.)

The whole idea behind this (no pun intended), is to cut down the lines for women's bathrooms.

I'm guessing this one is the Pollee Naked.

Although it looks like she is carrying something, think again. She is SQUATTING, her drawers are around her ANKLES, and she's PEEING, folks. C'mon, seriously? Unless you're drunker than a skunk, who is going to do this? Okay, MAYBE if I had a skirt on, and no underwear, AND I had to pee like a race horse. AND there were NO OTHER BATHROOMS. Then maybe.

This must be the Pollee Topless.

Does this really look much better? Sure it shields you from the person NEXT to you, but HELLO, how about the people walking by?

This is the Pollee Shy.

And the way it looks, there's STILL a line!

Okay, so here we are having a peeing party. Our lovely buttocks are hidden from the prying public eyes. We are friends. We have peed together. We have bonded. We are one.

Uh. I don't think so.

Maybe by the time these urinals are popular, I won't have to worry.

I'll be wearing "Depends".

Ladies, what about you? Would you be able to use a female urinal?


Hyper Aspie said...

I am speechless. That is wrong on soooo many levels, I really don't know where to start.

Anonymous said...

I could never pee in such a strange place, and believe me, I've peed in some strange places before.

Brian Miller said...

haha...oh my...i dont see this taking off....

Gail said...

We are just a little uptight when it comes to bodily functions, here in the old US...that's just an opinion...and if you want to disagree, follow my blog, and disagree with me every day, I shall welcome it.

I can squat with the best of them. I go pee in the seat required. Although this is not the norm for me, I do know how.

First nephew was potty trained by peeing on the dogs, outside dogs, if you're worried.

I come from a primitive life, Pat. I prefer to pee in the bathroom but I can handle other spots. I am still amazed when children run in from the woods to go to the bathroom!

I will always remember the awe when I first saw my grandmother pee, standing up!! She did have a dress on and probably no underwear but it was a sight...a talent I have never been able to dublicate. I am a squatter and guess I always will be.

With all these deep dark family secrets revealed, I do not think I could use these contraptions.

Country Gal said...

UMM no ! I think its ludacrise ! Yea peeing in the woods have done plenty of times but I mean what are they going to think up next , group pee theropy, come on ,I would hate to find out ! Good potty post though ! Have a good day !

Ami said...

Wow. Um, no. Just... no.

Have you seen the contraptions made so women can pee standing up?

I don't want one of those, either.

Valerie said...

Ye Gods! I hope I don't live long enough to see these contraptions. I remember once when I was pregnant and desperate for a wee I hopped into a field in a fairly isolated lane. Oh the relief. I didn't count on a double deck bus going by with a few fingers pointing at my bare posterior. Never again, I say, never again.

Anonymous said...

I think mens urinals are gross....this is

Eva Gallant said...

How bizarre! I don't think so!!!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Don't think we will be installing one of those here in the kampground. Although it might solve those lines. No, not gonna happen. My grandmother was a stand up pee-er. She always wore dresses and I suppose she wore no undergarments. But, here's the deal... I, of course, tried it and found a splash problem that leaves ones ankles splattered with urine, or .... shall we say, pissy. Men can shoot the stream away, but women are limited in their ability to aim, so much so that you can find the stream winding down your leg ..... I will leave you now withthese visions of elimination stuck in your mind.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

omg! i don't pee in company. hell, i've been married nearly 27 years and i don't go to the bathroom in front of my husband. yikes!

Chip "Rocket Man" Allen said...

Well, I don't see what the big deal ...... oh, wait a minute..... I'm not a lady. Never mind.

Lynda said...

Women need toilet paper which is not usually used in urinals - - right?!! I like to be dry when done.

lyndagrace said...

I wonder if these contraptions would solve the problem of messy...okay disgusting women's public toilets. Because we women don't want to sit on a toilet that has been used by strangers, we try to squat above the seat, right?
And when we squat, well let's just say that most of the stream seems to land on the seat, not in the toilet. Like I said, pretty disgusting.
I'd like to see an invention to fix that problem.

KaLynn ("MiMi") said...

umm. no. I like my privacy. Though the dogs have a tendency to knock the door open most of the time. I cannot see me in public doing this. I'm with you 100%!


nope, i'm not fussed about the loos where you can see the top of your head and your legs LOL this is just.....nooooo LOL

Anonymous said...

It hits me! Haha... I still remember the fun among friends who pee far and drawing on wall if there’s one.

This is something innovation to make it easily... but the difficulty using this in public sound strange. Even the pollee is something better it depends on individual women to decide to use or not. A renovation in this idea could work better.

kisatrtle said...

I'd probably pee in it...maybe

labbie1 said...

Shy bladder. Would rather find a tree and some leaves than pee enmass. Yeesh!!!

portable toilet guy said...

In the UK and Continental Europe women at festivals have been using our type of urinals for many years now. They are always screened off and must be used in conjunction with one of the funnel type products available; urinelle, shewee, peemate etc. They're not very popular though and the lack of loo paper is definitely a problem.