Monday, July 25, 2011

Heat Wave

The United States has been suffering from a terrible heat wave the past week or so, particularly the Midwest. Last week, temperatures were in the high 90's, with a heat index of 110. You know that saying, "I died and went to heaven"?

Well, it seemed that I died and went the other way.

Yep. It was THAT HOT.

And our air conditioning couldn't keep up in the trailer.

It seems we weren't getting enough voltage to our site.

We called the campground.  They told us to call ComEd (the electric company), since we pay our own electricity here.

So we called them.

ComEd told us that the campground owns the wire from the meter to our site.

No duh.

So, in other words, it's the campground's problem.

This, my friend, is what you call a runaround.

Merriam-Webster describes "runaround" like this: "deceptive or delaying action especially in response to a request (tired of getting the runaround).

I'd say that described this situation to a big freakin' T!  The thermostat registered 97 fun-loving-degrees inside of our trailer with the air conditioning on, so Jim and I sat in the shade under a tree and tried not to snarl at each other. I made Jim bring me a bucket of cold water and I soaked my hot feet in it, and threw some cold water on my arms and legs and watched it sizzle. 
I get pretty cranky in the heat.

I sweat in places a lady shouldn't.

And I'm not talking about bars.

I'm talking about on my person.

I've already shared too much information with you. Sorry. So if you've had a hot week, weatherwise, *wink*, (otherwise I'd be jealous), here's a little something to cool you off. 

I made you a Word Find with Things to Keep You Cool. You can highlight the puzzle and clues, then print "selection".  So pour yourself a cool one, put your feet up, and park yourself in front of the a/c or a fan and go to it!

Courtesy of moi!

Heat Wave

M  T  U  C  E  W  H  O  D  Y  O  C  E  A  N  Z  R
P  O  O  L  P  E  D  A  N  O  M  E  L  M  Z  G  K
H  M  X  R  E  L  K  N  I  R  P  S  C  J  U  F  F
Z  R  O  P  A  A  U  M  B  R  E  L  L  A  C  M  Z
F  Q  L  F  L  I  P  F  L  O  P  S  W  F  V  P  P
T  Y  I  F  V  R  F  H  Z  S  H  O  R  T  S  M  T
A  I  R  C  O  N  D  I  T  I  O  N  E  R  K  F  B
U  U  I  M  S  J  P  B  A  Y  G  M  O  J  K  A  O
S  T  I  U  S  G  N  I  H  T  A  B  L  X  H  N  O
E  E  X  T  I  U  T  J  P  O  P  S  I  C  L  E  D
V  Z  B  E  C  O  M  N  U  F  A  L  J  F  X  W  J
F  Q  E  U  E  Z  Z  L  A  K  E  U  F  H  F  D  A
Y  B  P  E  C  H  S  U  N  G  L  A  S  S  E  S  O
H  U  K  N  R  E  C  Q  Z  H  U  L  J  D  V  S  T
C  D  F  M  E  B  C  A  V  S  P  N  M  M  K  I  Z
X  X  I  Q  A  G  A  I  E  W  I  L  G  A  Q  M  V
B  M  G  G  M  Y  P  W  M  B  S  H  A  D  E  Z  O

air conditioner lemonade
bathing suit ocean
beach pool
breeze popsicle
fan shade
flip flopsshorts
ice cream sprinkler
ice cubes sunglasses
lake umbrella


Nita Davis said...

Today was our first nice day in weeks. Hope it has cooled down for you as well. Nice word search.

Nancy said...

It was actually cool here at Lake Tahoe last week. But I think that's about to change. It was quite warm today. No need for a/c but I will be closing things up after the cool of the morning and opening them around 5:00p.m. Reno is a whole 'nother matter. A/C starting in the morning. Have a popscicle and dream of ice floes!

SquirrelQueen said...

That's bad when it's cooler outside than in the trailer. I would have been having a serious talk with the campground people.

Hope it cools down for you soon. We only hit 94 today, that's the hottest we've had so far this summer.

Valerie said...

And here's me still waiting for the return of some heat. It was nice in March and April - not excessively hot but lovely just the same. Now we've returned to cool days, wind and rain.

Dyche Designs said...

We hit 104F this weekend with a heat index of 115F, it's brutal. I just die in this heat, especially with the crazy humidity levels we have here in VA too. I'm not trying to wish my life away but I'm done with summer, bring on Fall.

Bossy Betty said...

You have wheels! Why aren't you using them? It's been really nice in my neck of the woods.

Rae said...

I hate this heat. I hate this humidity. I hate being sticky and sweaty. I'm ready for winter. I'd rather be cold.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Even the water in our pool is warm! I got my power bill and cried! I have the air on in here so the chocolate bars don't melt before they turn into s'mores. But in the living quarters, I have the thermostat on 76, all the curtains and shades are drawn......

Donna said...

Look at You!! A Word Find? Neat...
Hope they got the a/c going! How awful!
I would suggest moving your trailer to Canada but they're having a heat wave there as well!
Stay cool friend!

Lynda said...

So if you're not getting enough voltage, that can harm your appliances - - I think. The only reason I sort of know that is because when we were talking to the salesman at Sears about electric weed-eaters, he said they were fine as long as your extension cord was not too long. If it was, the amps were reduced and that caused strain on the motor which would wear it out faster. So I know enough to make me dangerous but it might be something worth pursuing more so your electrical stuff isn't compromised.

labbie1 said...

Still freaking HOT here!!!! And no end in sight! ARRRRGHHHH!!!!!

I'd say, change campgrounds and leave a really BAD review of the current one. Or check into an inverter?

Better yet, come on down to Kathy's. The electricity is running my two a/c units well. :-)

Gail said...

Dang! How did I miss this??