Friday, July 1, 2011

The Crazy Art World

Just in case you haven't heard the latest trends in the art world, you can thank me for bringing them right to your fingertips.

Meet Mollie Brown, a sick creative (?) new artist.

Let me clarify that. She is a VOMIT ARTIST.

I am not kidding.

She drinks a glass of colored milk,

and then proceeds to VOMIT it up on a piece of white canvas,

and call it ART.

Brown says: “I drink colored milk — the process is not painful but after several hours of vomiting it can take its toll, which is why I limit the number of colours I use. … The use of canvas is a natural progression from my early performances. I started puking down myself in various outfits, but wanted more longevity from the end result.”


Okay. I try to appreciate all kinds of art, but this? Uh, no. First off? The smell. It's GOT to smell. Does the smell linger? Just talking about this? I am sick to my stomach.

BTW, Brown puked all over Lady Gaga's dress during her Monster Ball Tour.

Click here to view a video of Millie Brown at work. It's too gross to have on my blog. Watch it if you dare.

Now THIS artist, Judith G. Klausner,  has true talent. She carves portraits in the cream of an Oreo cookie, using tools such as toothpicks, straight pins and a balled-tip sculpture stick. Look at these beauties!

Now - this is a talented artist! And one with willpower! My cookie wouldn't last!

Okay. How about a necklace made out of human hair?

A 23-year old art student from Cambridge, England, named Kerry Howley used the cut off hair from her mother's friend. Kerry was inspired by wallpaper patters, and using broken saw blades, she cut and wove the strands of hair into abstract shapes. Each necklace took over 60 hours to create.

Don't you think that would itch like crazy? You know how when you have a stray hair and it bothers the heck out of you? Look at all the stray hair surrounding the necklace. Either the necklace is shedding, or this gal has a hairy chest!

What say you? Do you like this crazy fad or what?


The Bipolar Diva said...

vomiting milk? That's just disgusting thinking of how it would smell! gag

Valerie said...

I'm an admirer of art and artists but can't get my head round that sick routine. It makes me want to puke just thinking about it. The loose hair doesn't appeal either so I'll stick with the cookie carving.

Hyper Aspie said...

I think I'm going to stick to the oreo cream carving as well!
If vomiting is art then every drunk outside the pub must be an artist!!

Gail said...

I was very excited with the artistic potential of my youngest child, when, at two, she artfully removed her diaper and spread her personal art medium with a popcicle stick onto the bed frame.

I rejoiced...I thought I had a future sculptor!!!

Although my painting look like vomit, I can assure you, they are 100% acrylic paint.

Pat, I believe you have surpassed yourself with this blog subject.

Gail said...

Ps: The oreo sculptor is quite fantastic. No one sees the ones you messed up, you can just eat them!

Anonymous said...

art ..... its in the eye of the

Eva Gallant said...

The oreo cookie art is pretty amazing; the hair jewelry is a little creepy; vomit-milk-art is way too gross!

Brian Miller said...

errr...ok it is interesting and i am for free expression and all...might not be in the same room with it but...haha

JM said...

OMG! I haven't heard of Mollie Brown before. I am all for new forms of art, however this is too much even for me! LOL!

Lynda said...

It is funny that you said the same comments I was thinking before I read yours - - - about the smell and also about the hair itching. The necklace is beautiful though and so is the cookie. Believe it or not, there are a few of us in the world who do not like Oreos - - - - and I am one of those in that minority.

James said...

The top one is ridiculous but the other two are amazing! :)

Donna said...

Oh Lord... And to think our tax dollars funds garbage like that Brown person....
I think the hair necklaces are pretty. It's a really old form of art as well.
Happy weekend Miz Pat!

Ami said...

You're all cretins. I see what she's trying to say with her beautiful and powerful art.

WTH is wrong with this world????

kisatrtle said...

Wow what an eclectic group. I think i will stick with the cookie lady

Mama Zen said...

Ewww! Vomit art? You have got to be kidding!