Friday, February 25, 2011

A Man, A Can, and a Plan


We have TRULY earned the name "Trailer Trash".

And I'll tell you why.

It's all because of my husband, Jim.

Our Wi-Fi here in the park is iffy on a GOOD day.

It can be quite frustrating.

Jim said that he was going to try something to get a better reception.


It's what I call

A man, (I wanted him to stand in a Superman pose - with his hands on his hips and his legs spread, but he absolutely refused. He's no fun.)

a can,

and boy did he have a PLAN!

He was going to make a "Cantenna" antenna out of a can AND stick it on top of our trailer.

I was NOT happy about this.

My one friend suggested we glue feathers to the can so it would look like a bird.

My other friend thought we were putting up something like this:

Uh, no.

And thank GOD it was nothing like THIS.

Because I would have flat out left him.

So Jim began working on "The Plan".

Measuring to see what size drill bit he needed.

Drilling the hole for the connector.

Thankfully he has removed the "Maxwell House" label from the can, and is now attaching the connector.

The next step is to attach the can to some PVC pipe. Jim found this neat Velcro tape at Home Depot that breaks off in three inch increments.

He thinks two straps ought to hold the can.

Jim climbs the ladder on the back of our trailer with cantenna in hand.

He scouts around looking for the nearest Wi-Fi antenna so he will know which direction to point the can. (Inside the can is a wire that acts as an antenna).

Oh-oh. We have a problem. The can falls off the pipe.

Jim determines that the horizontal pipe is too short.

No problem. He measures a longer piece from the bottom of the pipe,

and cuts it off!

The longer length is perfect! Notice the lid on the coffee can. This is to keep birds from nesting in the can and goofing up our antenna!

Jim goes back up the ladder with the new, improved cantenna.

He attaches it to our ladder.


So there you have it. A cantenna on my candominium. Thankfully it's at the rear of our trailer so it's not noticeable from the street.

Jim said the cantenna has upped his wi-fi signal three times to what it used to be; mine is still so-so. I just might have to tap into that cantenna myself!

If you are interested in the plans for the cantenna, email me and I would be happy to send them to you.


Lynda said...

That is brilliant - - - a simple coffee can and an extremely gifted handyman. If he is that happy with his internet connection, you should definitely let him attach your computer, too. I love to see a plan work like it is supposed to.

Sunny said...

How inventive! Does it also work with decaffeinated coffee cans? LOL!
☼ Sunny

David Allen Waters said...

what a handy fella....brilliant!

Brian Miller said...

what a man! and it works! i call him genius...

Cindy Caudle said...

Men...they think of everything. At least he did something mine would sit and complained until I fixed up something.

Valerie said...

I'm in awe at Jim's inventiveness. Maybe I should get hubs to read your post. I had just as good a giggle over Cindy Caudle and Sunny's comments.

Rae said...

What a guy. He is Supercanman. Only thing missing is the cape.

becky said...

Cantana~ brilliant! I've never heard on a cantana before, but I remember wire coat hangers on our old B&W TV when I was little. Yes tap in, get a good signal. I'm using broadband currently and it sucks! It's sooooo slow & about impossible to watch videos, but 25 bucks a month cheaper than wifi.

Country Gal said...

Too funny ! At least it works may not look pretty but it does the job lol . Great post made me gigle! Have a great weekend.

Betty Manousos @ CUT AND DRY said...

Genius! Absolutely genius! I think every husband should see this.

Happy weekend!
B xx

Eva Gallant said...

I loved this! It reminded me of the post I did of my husband replacing our broken toilet seat! But you were so thorough! lol Great post. And Congratulations to the man with the can and the plan!

Jingle said...

love your humor,
tickling words, fantastic story.

Greetings, Happy Saturday! Blessings…

Friendship Awards, Enjoy!
Thanks for the support, You Rock!

Carletta said...

'A cantenna on my candominium.' - you are priceless!

Donna B said...

I am so IMPRESSED with Jim's ingenuity! LOL...I just LOVE hearing about you two's adventures!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Will you be applying for a patent? My man is currently re-building his wind turbine (the wind knocked it down ..... oh, the irony). Jim's can actually looks better than the turbine did .....

I have decided that we just need to erect a 12 ft. fence around he who fancies himself to be an inventor and let him junk up the hidden area to his heart's content.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

what a great plan! glad that it worked our for him. our wi-fi is not always great either. some days, it totally sucks!

Gail said...

Now, that is a wonderful idea! It would be very easy to hook yours up, too. Who knows, you may become millionaires, you should patent this!

SquirrelQueen said...

That is absolutely brilliant, way to go Jim.

labbie1 said...

I would LOVE to have the plans for that! So, does he have to connect it to the computer via the ethernet port? I really want the plans!!!! How cool!

labbie1 said...

Perhaps our campground could make these and sell them in the camp store! :) Oh wait! That would mean less signal for me!!!! ;-D