Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pat's Ponderings

So the other night I woke up with this thought in my head.

"The FDA approved the use of pig lips on human bodies."


I didn't know if it was just a random thought or left over from a dream.

It got me wondering.

Do pigs even have lips?

I Googled it.

Why, yes, yes they do.


This is what I learned. Not only do pigs have lips, but people EAT them.

You heard me.

Of course, they pickle them first. Is this something my friend Gail, At The Farm, does?

I wonder.

photo credit: dixijet
One recipe called for "taking a small bag of potato chips, and without opening it up, crushing the contents. Then open the bag, drop in a lip, close it up and shake it well to coat the lip with the chips. Open the bag, take a bite...and enjoy." (recipe from the photographer above)

*I just threw up in my  mouth a little*

I also realized that, duh, of COURSE pigs have lips! How could you "put lipstick on a pig" otherwise?

According to Wikipedia, "putting lipstick on a pig"  is a rhetorical expression, used to convey the message that making superficial or cosmetic changes is a futile attempt to disguise the true nature of a product.

(Remember Presidential hopeful Senator Obama and his comment about McCain/Palin?)

But truthfully, I don't think my "pig lips" thought was really all that deep.

I was probably just having a hankering for a DIFFERENT part of the pig.

His ribs.


Jane of The Jewels said...

Lol!!! I think I just threw up a little! I can guarantee I won't be giving that recipe a try anytime soon :)

Brian Miller said...

what do you think hot dogs are made of....hmmm....

Country Gal said...
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Country Gal said...

What a bunch of hog wash lol ! Ok I thought I was strange lol . Where you hungry at the time of this thought or dream lol or was it a touch of the swine flu lol Have a good day !

Wendy said...

Okay, i just *have* to comment on this one. My daughters' middle school had some kind of contest a number of years ago, and if the students did something or sold so many of something, the principal and the vice-principal would Kiss a Pig!
Well!!! You *know* the kids stood up to their end of the deal; they really *wanted* to see THIS embarrassing event.
So, the principals had to "do their duty". Somebody brought a HOG to the school; the principal (a female) and the vice-principal (a male) put lipstick on and honestly Kissed that Hog! The lipstick was so *nobody* could say "You didn't really kiss him!" The lipstick left its mark to prove it!
It was HILARIOUS!!! The kids really loved it too.
But i'm kinda like you.
The only part of a pig i want close to me is

Adam said...

My gf's parents are from Laos, you wouldn't believe you could find worse stuff than pig lips

Valerie said...

Goodness, Pat, I shall think about this every time I eat pork. If I do! You gave me a smile though, thank you.

Eva Gallant said...

mmmmmmm BBQ ribs! I don't know about lips...made up or otherwise!

Gail said...

SPAM does stand for Spare Parts And More.

Nope, don't eat pig's lips but Hubby eats their feet.

We don't raise hogs here. I don't want any animal detracting from my rotund beauty.

Gail said...

Since Pat did not provide my link for you it is

Come on over and see what we're eating this week...goober peas!