Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Christmas Visit, Perhaps?

Jim's parents paid us a little visit on Sunday. I am sure of it.

What's so unusual about a visit from my in-laws?

They're dead.

I do believe in life after death, and communicating with the afterlife.

Maybe the signs I received were coincidences.

Maybe not.

You decide.

Let me take you back to the summer, when we emptied our storage area. I was unpacking some boxes when I came across these mugs.

I instantly started crying. I gave these mugs to Jim's parents one Christmas a long time ago. Every time the mug is lifted, the song "Jingle Bells" plays. They got such a kick out of these cups. They used them every morning during the season.  The cups couldn't be put into the microwave, so they'd warm their coffee in another cup, then pour it into the musical cup. So they really went out of their way to use them. While we sat around the breakfast table, eating, talking, etc., EVERY TIME one of them lifted the mug and the music played we would laugh. EVERY TIME. These cups brought so much joy to everyone. After Jim's parents died and all of his siblings were going through their things, we came across the mugs. Of course we had to take them.

I'd forgotten all about them until I unpacked them during the summer. The memories came rushing back and I cried, reminding Jim how much his parents loved these mugs.

Sunday we had to run a couple of errands, one being a stop at the library. We didn't realize that the library wasn't open yet, so we waited in our car for 15 minutes while a mob of people waited in the lobby. It was damp and cold outside. But it was warm and comfy in the car because the engine was running. A light rain sprinkled the windows. Jim and I sat and talked about different things and the conversation turned to his parents.

I said, "I remember how when your parents sat at the table (they always sat next to each other), your father would always touch your mother's hand, rub it, or pat it?"

His father was not a very demonstrative man when it came to emotions, but this little gesture really moved me. It was a quite assurance that he loved her and that he was there for her.

Later on that evening I started to hear a tinkling of notes. I was sitting on my chair in the living room. Trying to figure out exactly what and where the sound was coming from, I got up and walked around the room, circling the Christmas tree, the dining room, and finally into the kitchen.

Aha! One of the Christmas mugs was tinkling. But wait. It wasn't supposed to do that unless it was lifted up. I lifted it up and the music continued.


The music stopped and started again a few times. Very strange.

Later I mentioned the incident to Jim over dinner. "You know, maybe your parents are visiting! I should have said 'hi'!"

Jim doesn't believe in any of this stuff.  He just kind of laughed. After dinner Jim was in the kitchen washing dishes and I was in the laundry room folding towels.

"Hon! Hon!" Jim called. "The cups are going off again!"

I thought he had heard my rings hitting the dryer. "No, that's only my rings!" I yelled.''

Again he yelled, "The cups are going off again!"

I came into the kitchen and sure enough, a cup was playing music. I picked it up and said, "Hi, John and Esther! Merry Christmas! Thanks for stopping by!"

Jim just shook his head at me. The music eventually stopped.

I thought that was the end of the magic until it was time for bed.

Remember my pantry, or as I call it, my "ta-da" room? It has this "magic" light that when you walk into the pantry, the light turns on. I told my granddaughter that you just say "ta-da" and the light comes on. If you are going to be in the pantry for longer than a few seconds, you can move the switch over so the light can stay on until you turn it off.

Soooo, last night as I was getting ready to go to bed, I went around unplugging all my Christmas lights. I walked into the kitchen and saw the pantry door wide open and the light on. Now Jim is famous for leaving lights on, doors open, drawers open, and he HAD been in the pantry about an hour prior to this so I was just about to bust his chops for leaving the light on, meaning he would have had to turn the switch to the on position. As I stepped into the kitchen, the pantry light went off.

What the?

Somebody or some thing had to of made the light go on.

(cue scary music)

or not

I'd like to think my relatives are visiting me.

Hi, Mom & Dad! *waving* Hi, John & Esther *waving*


Liz said...

Having several encounters with the paranormal, I'm sure it WAS them. Your strong emotional response to their mugs drew them to you for comfort. You are blessed to have had their visit. Merry Christmas!

Danica Bridges-Martin said...

Nice to know they paid you a visit, and that you're open for it... me, I'm getting the chills! :) Danica

Brian Miller said...

well that gave me a nice chill...ha...perhaps they were just peeking in on christmas....smiles...pretty cool...

Valerie said...

Well, Pat, something was happening so why not Jim's parents? I'd like to think it was.

Jane of The Jewels said...

What a great story :) I choose to believe you were indeed paid a visit!

becky said...

Sweet story, Pat. It definitely could have been them. Wishing you a very Christmas! We just got some snow on Sunday & maybe more to come on Friday. I love it!

Eva Gallant said...

I'm with you on this one! I've heard of people having similar visits (not involving coffee mugs, but other things).!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

LOve this! I believe.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That's so precious--to think of them close at this time of year.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how I would feel about that. I guess it depends on which of my inlaws was visiting. Might get stabbed if it was one set and a hug from the other lol Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm sorry it took me a while to get over here. I'm blind and it is very hard for me to find people.l :) in fact if there are a lot of mistakes in this comment pelease forgive me as I cannot see what I am typing. I hope you have a great day and I hope we get to know each other better.. :)

SquirrelQueen said...

What a wonderful story Pat. It is the holiday season and time for families to get together. It sounds like the Jim's parents got an early start.

Anonymous said...

I think your in-laws know where the mugs are kept, that it's a special time of the year, and they just want you to remember them.

Carletta said...