Saturday, November 10, 2012

Let's Get Artsy-Fartsy Part Deux

Continuing on with my visit to the Art Institute of Chicago......

These are things that caught my eye.

Here is a miniature version of Flamingo by Alexander Calder

Here it is in the real world. "Flamingo" is ensconced in front of the Federal Building in Chicago. The bright splash of color really stands out against the stark monochromatic buildings. The sculpture weighs 50 tons.The color has been known to be called "Calder Red". Photo credit: internet

This is the miniature of the sculpture With Standing Beast by Jean Dubuffet

Weighing in at 10 tons of white fiberglass, 29 feet tall in places, and representing a standing animal, a tree, a portal and an architectural form, here the sculpture sits in front of the James R. Thompson Center and across from the Daley Plaza. Photo credit: 20 Letters via Flicker

I loved this fireplace cover that was in the American Decorative Arts, 1920-1970, section:

Some painting from famous artists:

Renoir - Young Woman Sewing

Bordighera - Claude Monet

Poppy Fields - Claude Monet

The Shelton with Sunspots, NY - Georgia O'Keeffe.

Ms. O Keeffe said, "I painted ‘the Shelton with Sunspots’ (New York) in 1926. I went out one morning to look at it before I started to work and there was the optical illusion of a bite out of one side of the tower made by the sun, with sunspots against the building and against the sky. I made that painting beginning at the upper left and went off at the lower right without going back." cited

Farm near Durvendrecht - Piet Mondrian

Time Transfixed by Rene Magritte. Ms Magritte was a surrealist artist from Belgium. This painting was done for Edward James, a supporter of her work. The literal English translation of the title is called, "Ongoing Time Stabbed by a Dagger", and the artist was supposedly not happy with the "Time Transfixed" title. She wanted Edward to hang this painting at the bottom of his staircase so that the train would stab the people walking by. Instead, he hung it above his own fireplace. (Wikipedia)

Lady Gaga didn't invent monsters......

Invention of the Monsters - Salvador Dali, another surrealist painter. (Remember the Venus de Milo statute from my last post?)

What does this look like to you?

I thought it was a couple of big toes. A worker there laughed and said that when she first saw it, she thought it was a couple of thumbs!

Know what it really is?

Two penguins!

No, seriously!

The black arrow shows where the beak is. Head is pointing down. You can kinda see it, right?

I call this the "Ha-Ha" statue. I have no idea what it's real name is......just look at the expression on this man's face and the way he is standing. Doesn't it look like he is throwing his head back and laughing? "A-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

This is a replica (reduced in size) of the Art Deco sculpture Ceres, the Roman Goddes of grain and the patron saint of corn traders that sits on top of the Chicago Board of Trade building. You may notice that the statute holds a sheaf of wheat and a grain sample bag, which is an example of the type of business that happens inside the Board of Trade. You may also notice that she does not have any facial features. This is because at the time she was placed on top of the building, the Chicago Board of Trade was the tallest building around. It is said that the sculptor, John Storrs, didn't believe it was necessary to put facial features on the statue since no one would see them anyway; no buildings would be taller than that!

There she stands - 3 stories high -  in all her glory - 6,500 pounds of aluminum

A quick little video clip with more information:

One of the famous lions in front of the Art Institute. (there are two)

The tour has concluded. Watch your step getting off of the tour bus; and, oh yes, you may tip your tour guide!

Ha ha!


Brian Miller said...

that last one looks like 2 fingers to fav is def the 10 ton white pieces...those are really cool....thanks for the glimpse into the art....really cool stuff...happy saturday to you!

Ami said...

Phallic Penguins.

And I don't see a ha ha statue.. photo missing?

I liked looking at the art work, I am a person of no artistic talent but enjoy looking at stuff. :)

Ami said...

When I came back to look a 2nd time there was a LOT more post... including what you call the haha man...I think he looks like the 'ow! Sonofabitch that HURTS' man.

Morgan Nascimento said...

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Genie said...

What a wonderful post. I felt like I was back in art history class. Such a wonderful collection and I was tickled I could identify the artists on most of them. Guess these is a bit of a brain still left in the old gal. Thanks for including Georgia O'Keeffe. She is one of my all time favorites. I will go most anywhere to see an exhibit of her work. genie

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Yep, this reinforces my opinion about abstract art:)

Carletta said...

I really enjoyed this art walk with you! Two toes and I'm sticking with it!