Friday, April 20, 2012

Here's How the Two Old People are Doing

It will be two weeks this Saturday that we have been back in Illinois. We are slowly making progress. It took us about a week to get internet, phone and cable installed due to a mix-up with the unit numbers in the building. It was very, very frustrating.

I have been shopping for living room furniture. I thought it would be fun. Well, if money was no object maybe! I feel like Goldilocks. Either the sofas are way too soft, and I struggle to get out of them once I sit in them, or they are too hard. Some of the seats are too long so that my feet don't touch the ground. I've discovered a general style that I like: rounded (rolled) arms, and wooden legs. The one I really love is at Ethan Allen. The salesperson said, "A nice leather chair would match perfectly with that couch."

Jim practically growled back at her, "I don't like leather!"

A little while later just she and I were together in another room. She said, "I bet your husband has never experienced real leather. That's why he doesn't like it! I should come over to your house and give him a leather lesson!"

I said, "As long as you bring a whip!"

We had a good laugh over that.

Anyway, the sofa of my dreams is just that. A dream. Because it's way too expensive.

Costs close to $3000.

For just the sofa.

No. I'm not rich.

I told the saleslady today that that price was too high for my budget. I'm just going to have to come and visit the sofa.

So back to the drawing board. Tomorrow Jim and I are going to a couple more stores and then I'm just going to have to make a decision. Plain and simple.

Because it's awfully hard to sit on a wooden rocking chair and watch TV.

My friend Barb told me about this used furniture place nearby that restocks every Wednesday. Opens at 10:00 am. We got there about 1:00 pm. Many furniture pieces had "SOLD" stickers on them. But I managed to pick up a solid oak hutch (two piece - one sits on top of another) for $95. A real steal!  I will post a photo when we pick it up and set it up in our dining room.

We still have a lot of business stuff to take care of like changing addresses on everything, getting our driver's licenses, selling the truck, etc, etc, etc. So, everyday is a new adventure, that's for sure!

We bought a desk ensemble at Staples which came in 5 separate boxes. Jim has been putting it together. He's walking like the letter "S" because his back hurts him so much! I'm hurting from doing all this shopping. Maybe we made a mistake moving into a townhome.

Should have been a NURSING home!


Brian Miller said...

smiles....sorry the sofa you want is too much...i know that feeling...ha...and the 5 boxes of desk...i know that feeling too....oh man

Lois Evensen said...

I hope you get through it all OK. Love the cartoon!

Ami said...

You need to go into politics. Then taxpayer dollars will furnish your home.

The people of Oregon bought 12 thousand dollars worth of furniture for each and every one of our 'representatives' a few years ago. Oh sure, it was for their offices... but it was sofas and recliners etc...

I shop at Goodwill.

If that chick shows up at your house with leather for your hubby, please take pictures?

Snowflake said...

I'm happy to hear that you are getting settled in, I hope some of the pain of the move will be over soon so you can enjoy your new home.
I seem to gravitate to the most expensive furniture too, I think it's called "champagne taste on a beer budget!!".
Take care and remember we are thinking of you lots!!!


OMG you have my sympathy, from one who moved from Oh to Fl back to Oh to apt to condo now to house. We've been there and done that.
I'm never moving again except now we have two acres of grass that we have to pay someone to mow.
We love it here as we are in walking distance to our daughter though we cannot see her house. She has two teens who often stop by and that is fun
However as we have more and more aches and pains and go into town more for dr. who knows how long this will last.
I'm hoping a long time.
Good luck to you and Jim I think you will love it once you get situated. blessings, Barb

Valerie said...

I remember the days when furniture shopping used to be fun. Oh Pat, I hope you get something comfortable at less cost. The cartoon is good, it's so me at the present time. I'm seeing the chiropractor so often I'm thinking of moving in with

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

When you get done with your furniture shopping, would you come down here and do mine? (My budget is less than yours, so it should be easier, right?). Yeah right. What I loved about full time RVing was that everything came in one package -- once you picked the RV, then you didn't have to do anything else.

labbie1 said...

Laughing at the cartoon--ah so true! LOL

Have you tried Furniture Factory Outlet? I haven't been there, but they seem to have some good prices on their commercials...

Hey Sallie! Are you quitting too?

Man do I LOVE to shop for other people! Want me to come visit??? LOL

Hope everything smooths out...

SquirrelQueen said...

A leather lesson huh? You've got to get photos of that Pat.

I ran into the same thing when we bought this house, furniture stores are just too expensive. I found some great items at consignment stores and estate sales. Have fun shopping!

Carletta said...

I love leather. It is what we bought years ago and still have the set. Of course at the time both pieces weren't 3000. I have bad knees so the leather doesn't give like softer upholstery.
I hope you not only find something that works but that you like.
Once this hard part is over you'll be able to settle in and enjoy the change.

Genie said...

Hang on....the end is in sight. Before long this furniture horror will all be over and you all will be snug as bugs. Boy, can I relate to the back pain. It is not fun and leaning over assembling something would be out of the question for me. Mine is chronic and at time the spasms are unbearable. I have scholiosis and it has been with me all of my life. Now I am on an anti seizure drug along with some pain medication. The next stop will be injections in my back, and the final option - which is NOT am option in mt book - is surgery to fuse 2 discs in the neck and 2 in the lower spine. NO THANK YOU. I look at it this way. Pain is my best friend and it loves me unconditionally. Without my friend, I would be dead so I will just smile and forge ahead. Hope this is all over soon and you can start enjoying your move. genie

NixBlog said...

It's always exciting to move and shop for new things, but it is hard to do it on a tight budget and nowadays there is so much furniture that has been designed to "look good" but is not comfortabel or functional... Good luck with it all!

Gail said...

Moving is work. I never want to move again.

I was going to suggest second hand. Take your time and find what you love.