Monday, April 9, 2012

The Drive Home

I was looking forward to staying in hotels on our drive home. I can't remember the last time I stayed in one. Maybe for a funeral. Anyway, It was years ago.

Our first night we stopped driving around 7 p.m. We were in Gallup, NM, which didn't really seem like a big town. But we had to go to THREE different hotels to find a room!

SERIOUSLY? What gives?

At the third hotel the clerk said, "Our rate for TONIGHT is $85.00".

Now you know full well that the normal rate was probably $59.00 buckaroos, but this hotel was given a heads up that the other hotels were full, so why not take advantage of that fact and jack the price up?

I know. This is how America works.

Well, it sucks.

Being tired and not having a choice, we paid the fee. I just wanted to rest my aching bones in a nice hot tub.

Well, for $85, we got an air conditioner on the blink AND a room without a bathtub. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

Them's are fightin' words, I'll tell ya! To hell with the a/c!

There was only a shower in the room.

Jim called the front desk about the non-working a/c. The clerk came by and fiddled with a few things (basically turned it off and on), agreed that it was broken (thanks), and apologized. Didn't offer to put us in another room. Jim piped up, "Will we get a discount on our rate?"

"Well, okay, I'll take $5 off your rate."


The next night we stopped in Guymon, OK. I had seen a sign for a Super 8, but when we drove into the town, we couldn't find it. We saw a Holiday Inn Express and thought we'd try that.

NO THANK YOU! $104.00/night!

Does that include a backrub?

I asked the clerk if there was a Super 8 in town, and she gave me the directions to it.

I walked out and told Jim to stop bringing in the bags - we were going to Super 8!

It turned out to be HALF the price, the room had a fridge, microwave, flat screen TV, PLUS the a/c worked, and BEST OF ALL, it had a TUB.

My only question is, when did TUBS get so small? Or did I get bigger since the last time I took a bath?  I've showered for the last 7 years because my trailer didn't have a tub!


McGuffy Ann said...

*LOL* Don't even get me started on hotels! Going back & forth to Mayo is a nightmare!
I do think tubs are smaller now, though...

Brian Miller said...

the tubs in hotels are def pretty least that is my excuse...smiles...

SquirrelQueen said...

So much for the luxury of hotel living. Unless they say they only have one room left I usually quiz them at the front desk as to what is available. And I would definitely have asked to be moved to a room with working AC. Glad to hear you got a tub in the last one.

Valerie said...

It's funny you should say that ... I thought tubs were getting smaller...smiles. Hope you enjoyed a good soak, Pat.

Gail said...

This shall cause the nest making to be more enjoyable.

Furry Bottoms said...

THANK YOU! I knew it wasn't my imagination and that the bath tubs are manufactured much shorter than it used to be. I remember being able to lay flat with just my nose poking out. now I have to have bent knees. See, if I was getting bigger, I would think it would go sideways and I'd feel claustrophobic... but its not that at all. The tubs ARE shorter!

Eva Gallant said...

On our last trip, we paid $95 to $140 per night for hotels. They just aren't cheap...and tubs are definitely smaller!!

Ruth said...

It's ludicrous! I feel your pain. Those Holiday Inn Express hotels are really outrageous, although we had a glorious night in one when we moved the kids from NYC to MI. BUT, the pool and hot tub were on the fritz. I have to say, though, the bed was the most comfortable I've ever slept in. I lay down and didn't move the rest of the night, I swear. And I had two firmnesses of pillow to choose from!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Yeeek! Hotel prices are outrageous.

Our Teton has a tiny bathtub (I can at least soak my feet) but our park model has just a shower -- I feel your pain ;>)

Jim said...

Hi Pat ~~ I hope you made it home and were just too tired to do 'Thursday Things in a Row' because I really missed it. Last week I was packing and doing income tax so missed out but then I see you were also strapped.

But this time I have/had one ready to go.

With the price of gas going so high the motels are adding insult to our already injured minds!

We used to stay at the Comfort Inns but they were all getting on the down hill slope so we've switched to LaQuinta. Also they are 'pet friendly' and that comes in handy so our two dogs can travel with us. One is very old and needs us if we can possible do it.
This time we flew so Adi couldn't come with us. She is staying with a very nice lady though.

Jim's Thursday Two Questions

labbie1 said...

Well, not a big tub, but at least a tub with hot water to rest!

Our 5th wheel has a tub that I can actually sit in, but can't stretch out--better than nothing, right? I want a jacuzzi! Where is the YMCA???? LOL

Seriously! All of you RV parks out there, how about a hot tub to go with the pools? Hmmmmm????

So, where will you guys end up? I am just dying to know!!!!! If you are coming along I-70 in MO let me know--I would love to get together for coffee...

Your suspense is killing me...inquiring minds want to know where you are going!!!!!