Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thursday's Things in a Row

This week is the second half of "Things in a Row" at a Toy Store!

Did YOU ever hear of "Capsule Man"? Me neither. Doesn't sound like someone you'd want hanging around the school yard, either! The directions state to drop these capsules in warm water and watch critters appear! Ta-da! There is a warning about a choking hazard. No freaking kidding! If you swallowed this and all of a sudden you had a, let's say, GIRAFFE in your throat, uh YEAH, I'd say that was choking. Even worse, let's say you swallow this and it gets to your STOMACH. Then what? Pouf? Now you have a sponge animal floating around on your gastric acids? Nice. Try passing an elephant out your back end. Maybe sometimes it's felt like it, but now you have the REAL DEAL!

Speaking of animals, these are some kind of carriers that hold "zooables" whatever the heck THOSE are. Look like little animal characters. Each year they come out with a new product so the parents and grandparents have to fork over more moola!

Now! This is more like it! A sensible card game! Who DOESN'T like a fast game of Uno?

I had to blow up this photo because for a minute there I thought ole Barbie was pregnant and showing her bare belly. Doesn't it look like that? That Ken! He's sure been busy! But, I was wrong! Just an optical illusion! This is Barbie in a Mermaid's Tale. Is her name "Merliah" or is that how you say "Mermaid" in Spanish?

So, kiddies, anything good this week for me?


Adrianne Molin said...

Interesting post. Is the instant capsule for critters for real? I love uNO cards, that's one of my favorite game when I was still on my childhood days. hahah, Ken was busy! :D

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SquirrelQueen said...

Well I see that Merliah's tail converts into a surf board. Now that could come in handy. And Capsule Man, wonder how long it will be before we hear about that one being taken off the shelves? Good stuff Pat, your things in a row are always great.

Valerie said...

Wow! Do those instant critter things actually turn into critters? Hmmm not something I'd want kids to get hold of. Loved your pics though, Pat.

Jim said...

Pat, I'm headed to Toys 'R Us to see for myself!

Thank you for this nice meme. I'm trying it for the first time. So

I 'borrowed' a couple of my daughter's pictures from her today's blog. What's it about? My youngest granddaughter playing in the park. Of course.

Brian Miller said...

the instant critters are a lot of fun....i love hanging out at the toy store so these have been fun

Dianne said...

my supermarket sells the instant critters, I decided against buying them, my granddaughter is too young

I;m going to start looking for rows and will hopefully have something to contribute next time

I love your signs post! very funny

Donna said...

Hahaaaa....cute 3 in a rows!
I use to love the sponge capsules!

Eva Gallant said...

Instant capsule critters sound dangerous!!!!

EG Wow said...

Capsule Man is new to me too. A pregnant Barbie? You made me smile!

labbie1 said...
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labbie1 said...

I used to buy those capsule critters for my son. I am not sure who had the most fun watching those things open up into a sponge animal! I never thought about what would happen if you swallowed one like a pill...LOL

Pregnant Barbie? Showing her stomach???? Now THAT is a revolting idea! Or is looking at a pregnant woman's bare belly because her tiny shirt no longer covers it and her pants can no longer come up higher than a bikini wax just revolting to me? Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

I used to have a mermaid Barbie, but then I lost her tail in a lake.
So, I bought another one.
I lost her tail in the lake, too.

That destroyed me.


Anonymous said...

And I would like to add that I played with instant critters before. I'm not sure if it was the same brand or anything, though.
I think they still have them up at our local grocery store.

Kind of surprised that so many people haven't heard of them. They're pretty awesome (But then pointless after they become a sponge).

Tina´s PicStory said...

thanks for hosting! have a great weekend ☺

Lynda said...

Hooray for the classics like Uno!!! Some games stand the test of time.

DesertHen said...

Uno provided many hours of fun growing up and with our kids as well! I missed rows this week due to life getting in the way. I posted my row pictures today. Can't link, but thats okay. I love rows, but boy it's sure hard finding interesting rows in the