Monday, October 3, 2011

How to Cut a Pineapple

When you see a whole pineapple in the grocery store,

do you want to buy it, but panic because you don't know how to cut one up? So instead you either but one already cut up by the grocery store (which is expensive), or resign yourself to buying canned pineapple?

Well, panic no more, darlings, because moi is going to show you how to cut up a pineapple in 8 easy little steps.

First off, to pick a ripe pineapple, just look to see if those little "diamond" shapes are all about the same size. If so, then the fruit is ripe. It doesn't matter what color the outside is - brownish or a little green. Really! I've had both.

Step 1. Cut the top and bottom off.

Step 2. Stand pineapple on end.

Step 3. Slice the skin off the sides.


Step 4. Cut pineapple in half.

Step 5.  Cut into halves again.


*Step 6. To remove the core from each quarter piece, bring the knife in on a slant, like so. (This was a little hard to demonstrate as I was taking photos and cutting the pineapple at the same time!)

 You can toss out the cores, although my daughter-in-law likes to eat them!

Step 7. Cut each quarter into thirds,

then dice

Step 8. Eat!

Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

*I've never used a pineapple corer, but I found one for 8.99 available here.

This one not only cores the pineapple, but also slices it! Available  for $23.49 here.

Let me know if you've used a corer and if it works!


Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

Pampered Chef now has one that cores and cuts pineapple as well. It's quite a bit more expensive than the ones you posted. LOL - I don't own one, either.

Brian Miller said...

nice...we cut our pineapples the same way...nothing like fresh pineapple you cut yourself...

Eva Gallant said...

I love fresh pineapple. That was a good tutorial!

Ami said...

My grandparents used to have them shipped overnight from a friend in Hawaii. OH MY GOD.

They'd call me and say, "We have pineapple."

And I would go over, it would already be cut up, I would take home a tupperware container full and eat it until my mouth blistered.


SquirrelQueen said...

Okay, I'll admit I've never bought a whole one for the very reasons you mentioned Pat. But now that I am madly craving pineapple (yum, that looks so sweet and juicy) I am going to give it a try.

charmine. said...

I remove the skin the way you do,but,if a corer can help I'd love that...But,it's not too hard and the fruit is delicious.

Valerie said...

Passing you instructions on to stepdaughter.... her dad and I don't/can't eat pineapple.

Donna said...

And they taste SO Much Better than canned!!

Anonymous said...

brilliant...once again my friend, you taught me something I did not know :)

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

great tips!
very helpful, too!

Lesley said...

I have used a corer (one of the cheaper models) and it works just fine, though a bit of brute strength is needed and it helps to do it on a table where the surface is lower than the counter top.

labbie1 said...

I thought you were supposed to pull out a leaf or something. Thanks for the diamond tip. Easy is right!

Lynda said...

I bookmarked this into my recipes - - - will probably put it in my cookbook. THANKS!