Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!!

This time of year always reminds me of when I saw one of the scariest movies that I can remember.

It was called


with a new actress named Jaime Lee Curtis. I don't remember the name of the actor who played opposite of her. But I DO remember his name in the movie.


This movie came out in 1978.

It set the bar for how scary movies SHOULD be made, as far as I'm concerned. There wasn't too much blood and guts. There was more scary scenes like Michael wearing the mask and peering in the window: Or jumping out at people.

Let me set it up for you. My friends and I decided to see this movie at the show. First we went out to dinner after work, then to a small movie theater in Chicago that we had never been to, in a neighborhood some of us were not familiar with. Why, I am not sure. It was Fall, of course, so it was dark by the time we went to the show. We got into the theater and sat down. I can't remember if there were three or four of us. Anyway, the movie started and got our attention right off the bat. The music alone got my heart rate going. For some reason, I STILL don't know why, I happened to glance back at the man sitting behind me on my left. He had a HOOK arm. I almost wet my pants. I continued to glance back at him throughout the movie and thought, "If this guy puts that hook on my shoulder I will SCREAM!" I really was kind of frightened of him. It's not too often that you see someone with a hook for a hand; let alone while watching a scary movie!

At one point in the movie my friend Chris leaned over and whispered, "Why is it so dark?" (talking about the movie). Suddenly Michael Myers jumped out of the darkness wielding his big butcher knife and shoved it in some kid's chest, nailing him 6 inches off the ground to the laundry room wall.

"THAT'S WHY!!" I whispered back.

We had a good laugh about that later, but at the time it scared the bejesus out of us!

After the movie was over we hurried to my friend's car, climbed in, and, you guessed it....her car wouldn't start. Well, now I was having visions of ole hook arm coming after us! Luckily my other friend Teresa called up her boyfriend to come look at the car. It didn't take him too long to get there, which was good because if memory serves me right, the theater closed and we were left all alone in the parking lot. It was a LIT-TLE SCARY.

So seeing Halloween on the big screen, the man with the hook arm, and the car breaking down in a strange neighborhood, all left a scary impression on me.

I will NOT watch scary movies on my own. I used to go to the show with my scary-movie-watcher-friend, Jan, but sadly she passed away suddenly, 2 years ago. She would get a kick out of me screaming in the theater, hitting her, or holding her hand during the scary scenes. Why would I subject myself to that?

I don't know. Just crazy, I guess.


Watch a clip......if you DARE!


SquirrelQueen said...

Oh my, the man with the hook would have been unnerving enough but to have the car not start in a deserted parking lot. You know that would make a great movie scene.

I loved this movie.

Happy Halloween!


Thanks for the trip down memory lane, I'm the same, I like my scary movies scary, not gory. Cannot watch the saw series,too revolting!!!

Ruth said...

Oh thank you for the hilarity this morning (dries tears from laughing). I cannot watch scary movies. I like them, if I am with people. But they stay with me forever and I just get too creeped out.

Happy Halloween!

Brian Miller said...

oh bring back many a night i scared the crap out of how the circumstances come together the movie, the hooked make it all so...ha

Eva Gallant said...

Thanks a lot! Now I'll have nightmares for sure! lol

Valerie said...

Yeah, right, if I have nightmares tonight I shall know who to blame...grins.

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

i don't do scary movies since poltergeist. laughed all the way through the exorcist but poltergeist was something else. i don't do tense, suspensfull movies very well, either. makes me feel too anxious.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I used to love the adrenaline rush and the anxiety. I would hold my hands over my eyes and just peek through with one eye at a time. I don't subject myself to that anymore ...... Oh no, am I old?

Lynda said...

I remember watching some of Twilight Zone and also Alfred Hitchcock shows by myself at night in high school. It only took a couple to cure me of doing that alone - - - or ever again!

kisatrtle said...

Happy halloween

becky said...

I can't watch scary movies anymore... they make me have crazy bad dreams. If I need a good dose of scary... I just read the news...

labbie1 said...

Jeepers!!!! Creepers!!!!