Friday, May 27, 2011

He's Baack!

You know what? I'm getting awfully tired waking up to someone (or someTHING) knocking on my kitchen window at the break of dawn. Or should I say "pecking?"

We had about a week or so reprieve from this guy:

So when the "pecking" began last week,  that's who I expected to see when I opened the blinds.


This is who was staring back at me.

He flew to the bottom of the window and clung to the one inch ridge and stared me down. I have to admit that I blinked first. It was kind of creepy.

Then he flitted up to a branch. Stared a minute.

Put on his angry face,

Got ready for take off,

and he's off like a bullet!

and then he was at the window!

He did this over

and over again.

Sometimes he just hovered by the window.

Here he is in all his winged glory!

I really don't understand the attraction birds have with my trailer, but I'm beginning to wonder what will be coming next. Thank God these are extinct!


Anonymous said...

at least you are getting some amazing photos :) But yeah it is weird .... the birds, the birds lol ;)

Missy said...

I hate birds but the red one is kinda cute!

Brian Miller said...

haha not that might rock the trailer a bit..smiles...i dunno what are you doing to attract the crazy birds? ha

Snowflake said...

What amazing photos!! I do sympathize with you, I would not want to be woken each morning with the pecking on my window!!

Eva Gallant said...

Beautiful photos!

Betty Manousos@ Cut and Dry said...

thanks for sharing those magnificent photos, Pat.

what a beautiful bird!!

have a great weekend!

betty xx

Donna B said...

LOL...When we lived in CA, birds would come to eat our grapes and then fly up to our upper sunburst window and peck on the glass. It was so creepy when I was home alone...

We have birds land on the rock work around our front door and then they poop on our porch. Its a real pain to clean off...Izzy would hear them and bark.

They also land on our patio furniture out back and poop on the I taped wind mills to the backs of the furniture and put wind mills out front...and it has really helped.

Gail said...

What amazing photos!!

Can he see his reflection in your window?

becky said...

Pat, are you glueing birdseed to your windows??? Drawing confrontational birds on the dust? Are your window tinted? What gives?

A New England Life said...

Poor bird is in a serious funk! Nice shots though. Usually it's difficult to get that close to a Cardinal.

SquirrelQueen said...

OMG, not another one! That is just weird.
Is that window super shiny or something? You need something out there to scare them off. Maybe a copy of the last photo you posted. :)

Lynda said...

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL - - - especially the one with his feathers outspread. Do you think he sees his reflection and is trying to attack it?

The Retired One said...

I agree, he probably saw his reflection in the window and thought it was another bird...our birds do that alot at our house. Oh, he is gorgeous and thanks for telling me about this post so I could see your pix of him! I am so behind in my reading of blogposts!!

good sense in daily life said...

Great photos, at least he provided some comic relief for a while! I've been trying to get a photo of some cardinals in a tree next door to me for two years now & can never get a worthwhile snapshot - you're so lucky!

Fragrant Liar said...

Bwaaahahahaha, that cardinal looks like the one who's been knocking on my window! I have video of him sitting all nice in the tree, like he has a brain in there, and then he'd rocket himself into the window! Crazy birds!

That last shot of your cardinal, with his wings spread like that, is just gorgeous!