Friday, May 13, 2011

A Fun Day at the Park with Grandpa

One sunny day last week, my daughter, Jessica, and granddaughter, Lily, came over to the campground to spend the day.

I love playing with Lily, but Grandpa REALLY enjoys playing with her.

Here they go, off to the playground!

Lily just loved the ride!

What's funny is that Jim put in many hours at his job and didn't spend a lot of time playing with his own children. But he sure is making up for lost time with his grandchildren!

It's funny to see him sit on the floor and drink pretend tea when Lily serves him a cup or make things out of Play-doh. He'll lie on the floor and play trains or blocks, take Lily for a walk or read her a book.

Here he is showing her how to climb up the "bumpy" slide.


The smooth slide was another favorite of hers. Grandma would help her up the stairs and Mommy would be there to catch her at the bottom of the slide. Then we switched places so Grandma could get some pictures!

She did this over and over again! It didn't get old!

It was time for the swing. Lily wanted to swing on her own, but there were no baby swings available, so Grandpa did the next best thing.

What safer place than Grandpa's arms?

Next they moved on to this thing. I don't know what it is called, but it has four holes in it and you don't know where the ball is going to come out.

The shadow from the ball-thingy caught my attention. It looked like a smiley face!

My daughter said, "No, Mom, look at it from this direction."

So I walked to the other side and looked at it "right-side up" so to speak. I thought it looked even sadder!

I know EXACTLY what it needed! A SMILE!

So Jessica and I got busy pulling dandelions and made a smile!

We decided it was time to leave the park and walk to the little creek that runs through the woods. Grandpa took Lily to the bridge.

Grandma gathered pieces of mulch and handed them to Lily so she could throw them in the fast moving creek and watch them float away. We even had races with the pieces!

It was a fun day for all of us, but especially Lily and Grandpa!


Anonymous said...

what a cutie pie, and looks like she had a wonderful time :)

Brian Miller said... the smiley fave you made...and your little is adorable...glad gandpop is getting to make up for lost time...

Valerie said...

What wonderful pictures, Pat. Lily looks really happy playing with Grandpop.

Gail said...

I have heard, Grandchildren are our reward for having to have children!

Lynda said...

I love hearing you talk about your family. You have the best of both worlds in a year -- - your travel, retirement community friends, and your family.
Great pics as usual - - - love that you added the dandelions for a smile.
I am thinking your husband probably misses that he did not have the time for the children but Praise God he was a good man to work. There are some younger ones who have not caught that idea yet.

becky said...

looks like you had a great time! i love how you put a smile on the face!