Sunday, March 6, 2011

An Upscale Grocery Store

In my last post I teased you with some photos from AJ's Fine Foods.

When you walk in, there is always a beautiful display on the left. On this particular day, the display was all about the upcoming Easter holiday. Look at these sheep gathered at different heights, like on a mountainside.

Don't you just love those nestled pastel bowls on the right? Or how about those small dishes on the left?

Hello cheerful bunny!

Mr. and Mrs. Bunny look quite comfortable sitting there!

The floral department is to the right of this display and was bursting with color and fragrance!

Here is a Bird of Paradise.

A bouquet of yellow daisies.

I'm not sure what this flower is....I thought maybe a Spider Mum, but maybe not. Any suggestions?

Orange lily

Stargaze Lily

I showed you their beautiful produce department in my last post about Things in a a grocery store, but here are a few more shots that I couldn't resist.

Just look at this yellow squash. Isn't it set up beautifully?

Can't you just taste the crispness of these radishes?

AJ's must have some kind of designer set up the various stations because they are a work of art. This was a station "For Steak Lover's". You can see a wooden dresser with the drawers open and bags of Yukon Gold potatoes spilling out. Various steak sauce bottles and spices are displayed along the top, and garlic bread is available in those two large baskets below.

This is the olive oil display with special lighting.

The pasta display had the same wooden cabinet and deco lighting, and showed different shaped pastas, and even BLACK pasta (basket bottom left), which I've never seen before.

A sushi bar is set up on one end of the store. I wonder how many people eat here for lunch!

Their wine "cellar" is endless. Any wine you want.....they have it!

I showed you a small portion of their beer department. Here is a better photo.

The bakery department is comparable to those in Paris. I know. I have been there. These are just a few of the decadent desserts available.

My sisters and I oohed and aahed over everything and finally settled on a small fruit tart (shown to the right in the above photo), a chocolate walnut brownie, a German chocolate brownie, and a cream puff. We also purchased coffee and tea, then gathered our goodies and sat outside in the morning sun to eat our wonderful desserts.

Ann (l), Linda (r)

The shopping center itself is really beautiful with paved blocks surrounding the shopping center, palm trees lining the streets,

and fountains every few hundred feet.

It was a beautiful morning at a gorgeous store with my wonderful sisters! Hope you enjoyed the tour!

Some of you asked about me taking photos inside.....not one person said a word to me about it. My sisters avoided me......and I just clicked away!


Valerie said...

Loved those cakes... talk about mouthwateering! The people who run the store are clever, they know that eyecatching displays guarantee sales. It must have been a pleasure to walk round ... taking photographs. Since we're all on camera in our big stores I wonder if I could get away with it.

Gail said...

Wow, I could spend all day just looking. It's like an art gallery.

Brian Miller said...

wow. it looks like a really cool place...price wise how does it compare with all the nicities? some gorgeous flowers as well...

Rae said...

I wanna go there to shop. All I have is a downscale hillbilly grocery called WalMart to spend my dollars at.

Bossy Betty said...

The weather! The food! The fun company! Looks like a great place. Thanks for letting us tag along.

Nancy said...

AJ's is my kind of grocery store! Love the beautiful displays. I was in Williams Sonoma yesterday and a woman took a picture of a display of cookbooks and was told not to take pictures in the store - that it wasn't allowed. I thought it really rude, and felt bad for the lady who was obviously embarrassed. I'm not sure I like William Sonoma...

Eva Gallant said...

Oh, wow. What an amazing store. Love the unique displays. Truly a fun place to shop, I'd say!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

that is beautiful! would love to stroll through there but your pictures did help "see" it. i would have loved those fruit tarts. yum!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

I LOVE stores like this!! Yes I do. I always feel good .... and spoiled ....and happy ... just walking through. I always end up buying more than you did though. (No self-control).

Donna B said...

I could eat my way this store!! Kind of a combo of old time store and Whole Foods...I am so glad you had fun with your sisters. Sounds like a great day.

Missy said...

This is such a great place! So glad you enjoyed yourself!

Wendy said...

I've seen black pasta before: they said it was colored with Squid Ink! (Not sure if someone was just pulling my leg, but... Hey, *i* fell for it!)
I've been to a "grocery store" similar to this in San Antonio, TX. Sorry, i don't remember the name of it, but my sister, daughter and i drooled and oohed and ahhed all the way through it. Amazing!
Thanks for the pix! Your grocery store find seems even *nicer*. Wish i had something like this near where i live...

Carletta said...

Both posts are filled with eye-catching beauty!
I wonder how much time is spent throughout the day re-doing the display. One piece of corn, one bottle of oil and the artistry is gone. :)
I would love the dishes and one of those lambs with long legs!
Have a wonderful time with your sisters and I can't wait to see the rest of the photos and the talent show.
Curious to know just what you will be doing!

SquirrelQueen said...

What beautiful displays, that is definitely an upscale store. The Easter displays are my favorite, even over the bakery.

I am always amazed to see you and others taking photos in grocery stores. When I worked for a manufacturer and would be taking photos of our displays sometimes someone would start to approach me, until I turned so they could see my name tag. Most of the stores had signs on the entry doors saying no photos.

The duck in my post today has a red bill but the way the sun hit it that day made it look pink.

Ruth said...

To shop in a place like that is pure bliss. It's something like our Whole Foods, though that is too expensive for me. But it is nice to go there once in a while, just for the aesthetic experience. Like yours, the fresh flowers greet you just inside the door. Food is so beautiful, and the packaging you've shown. Nigella Lawson helped me understand the sensuality of food. Just touching produce, and gazing at it!

Nezzy said...

Wow, our local Wally~World just doesn't even begin to hold a candle! What a great store!

God bless and have a remarkable day sweetie!

WhisperingWriter said...

I would love that store.

And that bakery. Mmmm, that bakery looks amazing.

becky said...

good golly- their marketing is awesome. and while i don't always buy, i always WANT to... i have to admit i am a sucker for marketing. they know what they're doing. years ago i worked at the retail shop "bath & body works-" every time we changed the display they sent us the "plan" and it had to be set up that way exactly. perhaps this grocery store does the same. one a side not, i always thought it would be fun to work in the produce dept... i would love to line all the veggies up!

Lakers' Blog said...

I have been in that store and never thought of taking pictures. Your choice of subjects and the composition of your pictures -- wonderful! Pat

Betty Manousos@ CUT AND DRY said...

Everything in that place looks fantastic!
I could spend all day just looking around.

Thanks for sharing, Pat!

Big hugs!

B xx

labbie1 said...

I love the Steak lovers section. Raising my hand because I am a STEAK LOVER!!!!! :) Those pastas--I haven't seen a black pasta either! Interesting!

Seven said...

The name of the orange flower you thought might be a spider mum is pincushion protea.