Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oscar Night in the Park

Sunday night was the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, and my 3rd Annual Oscar Party.

It was for women only. They were to bring their own drinks, a munchie to pass, and a $5 grab bag gift.

I put my usual decorations up.

The red "carpet" welcoming the women into the room. (It was held in the Sports Lounge at the Club House.)

The welcome sign:

The hallway decorations:

Each star has an actor's name on it.

This is Carole and Cathy. I like to kid and say that they were victims from arm wrestling with me.

The rest of the ladies:

Cathy, Pat, and Vivian

Norma and Shannon
Elaine, Sue, and Judy
Pat, Sandy and Carole
Ellen, Lenore, and yours truly - Pat
Everyone brought something good to eat.

But I must say, the big hit of the evening were these chocolate dipped strawberries.

These were HUGE! This will give you a better idea of just how big these bad boys were!

It was quite a challenge to eat it neatly!

We DID break down and invite our husbands to eat ONLY. They were playing pool right below us on the first floor. It was quite funny because as soon as we got a little loud, one of them would take their pool stick and poke the ceiling a few times. We'd all laugh and stomp our feet real hard. I'm sure we sounded like a herd of elephants.

Once we kicked the men back out, it was time to do the grab bag. Everyone who brought a gift drew a number from the pile. The person who had #1 chose the first gift.

Sounds great, right? Well, the #2 person could either choose to steal the gift from #1 or pick a new gift. So the larger the number, the better.

Sandy happened to be #1. She got a real cute wine glass that read, "I'm still just comes in flashes."

Rachel received a wine bag with three small bottles of wine.

Pat received a box of chocolates (which Viv promptly stole!)

Everyone seemed to have a good time. We oohed and ahhed over the dresses and commented about the hairstyles and jewelry.

My friends were amazed at some of the trivia facts I threw out during the show. I guess it helps to subscribe to People Magazine!

I look forward to next year's party, as do my friends!


Cindy Caudle said...

Sounds like you had fun. Wished I could of enjoyed one of those huge strawberries. They looked yummy.

Valerie said...

Wow, chocolate strawberries to die for. Didn't you save any for your blogging friends? Did you watch the Oscars while you were there?

Rae said...

Another successful "Oscar's" night. You are a great hostess. Those strawberries must have been a big hit - they look sooo good.

Brian Miller said...

you ladies blow away anything i saw on the red carpet....grins....espif you let me have one of those strawberries...

Sunny said...

What a fun idea. I think those strawberries should have won an Oscar!
☼ Sunny

labbie1 said...

Where in the WORLD did you guys find those strawberries??? Wow!
Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time and the decor was so cute! Very clever!

Eva Gallant said...

What a fun party! Love that the men would bang on the ceiling with their pool cues when you got too loud! And the food looks so yummy!

Bossy Betty said...

How fun!!!!!

Carletta said...

Any excuse for a party!
I love it!

Hubs and I lived in an upstairs apartment when we were first married. When we got hmmm...a little noisy.. the lady downstairs used the end of her broom to pound on the ceiling. :)

Anonymous said...

you guys always have the best parties...and those strawberries, yum

Missy said...

This is just so cool! I love it!

Lynda said...

I think I remember when you posted this last year. Aren't traditions great?!!! Chocolate-dipped strawberries are my very, very favorite treat. . . . . . . so are you planning on a St. Patrick's Day party?

Snowflake said...

What a great party!!! Thanks for hosting a wonderful way to watch the Academy Awards!!

Nezzy said...

Now ya'll know how to throw the perfect 'Red Carpet' party. You can see by the pictures that everyone had a blast and a half!!! I just adore your red carpet decorations. Girl, that is one honkin' big strawberry!!!

If ya have any left...(ya right!) could ya toss one my direction??? heeehehe!

God bless ya and have an amazin' day sweetie! place! :o)

SquirrelQueen said...

Now that looks like a proper Oscar night Red Carpet party, it was probably more entertaining than the actual Oscar's awards.

Those chocolate covered strawberries do look delicious but they are huge, I don't think I have ever seen strawberries that big.

Ruth said...

You throw the best parties. I need that wine glass!

So this is a White Elephant party, right? That's what we do at ours anyway.

The best part of this is the guys downstairs knocking three times on the ceiling when they want you. ;-)


Those strawberries take "the cake." Wow. Wish I'd been there not just for the food but for the great fun. IT shines in everyone's face.

You are one blessed person to have such a nice place to stay in the winter.

Envious, Barb