Monday, March 28, 2011


I know I promised you photos and such from our recent Variety Show, but I've run into some problems. First I was waiting to get the video of Jim's routine from various people. Once I got the video, (three different ones, actually!) I was going to post it on YouTube. One woman had already tried to post it and she got slapped with "copyright infringement" because of the music that was used in the background! Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman sing, "Time to Say Goodbye" while a group of guys perform on stage. I'm not going to give away what the act is yet. So, I sent an e-mail to Andrea Bocelli yesterday, 'cause we're like best buds, *wink*, asking permission to use his music on this video. Who knows if I get a response. Stay tuned....


Our time is winding down here in Mesa. We will leave on Saturday, April 2. Some of our friends have already started the trek back home. It's a rude awakening, especially if the weather is still cold back home!

But it's TIME to go home. We have a wonderful, wonderful time here with our friends. We eat a lot, drink a lot, party A LOT, dance a lot, and laugh. Boy do we laugh.

It is a gluttony of activity.

And we eat it all up.

Both literally and figuratively.

So although we are sad when we leave, it does our body good to do so. We slow down, hang our liver on the clothesline to dry out for awhile, hang up our dancing shoes, put up our tired feet, and just REST. We eat better, we slow down. Why, there are even some days that there is NOTHING on our calendar. Hard to imagine.

But I always feel sad to say goodbye to my friends here. I pray we all return safely in the fall.


Speaking of gluttony, that's what it's like with all the grapefruit trees here. All the grapefruit have to be off the trees by the middle of March for the trees to begin to blossom for the next season. It was a good year for grapefruit. Our friends, Ray and Viv, had over 300 grapefruit on their tree! It was a common sight to see a box with the words "FREE" or "HELP" written all over it full of the fruit sitting by the curb in front of many park models. And ironically, half the people here can't EAT this fruit because they are on cholesterol pills!

Once the trees start to bloom, the smell is just intoxicating. The sweet smell permeates the air, and it gets stronger in the evening. Some people think the smell is a bit cloying; me - I love it!

(photo courtesy of flikr)

I just found out that Estee Lauder makes a perfume out of grapefruit blossoms. Plus orange blossoms, lemon leaves, sweet tangerine and lavender flowers, among several other ingredients. It's called Bronze Goddess:

and is available here.

Only problem is, I'm afraid that if I wear it Jim would just be sneezing and blowing his nose the whole time.

And what fun would that be?


becky said...

Wow, Pat,
that seemed to go by really fast! sounds like you had a wonderful time in Mesa! Will you guys be traveling lots this year, or settling in? Will be interested to see if Bocelli emails you back. Did you explain that you are, in fact, a famous blogger?


Where is your real home?
I've loved reading all your post about AZ, the people, the places, the weather, esp all the parties.
This has been so much fun.
I have a feeling this will carry over to your posts when you arrive home.
Blessings and safe travels.

Rae said...

Even though it is sad leaving, I bet you look forward to getting home to see your granddaughter.
Travel safe one the road home and take care.

Brian Miller said...

cool on the perfume and i know its hard to leave those friends...esp with all the good memories you carry out with you...

labbie1 said...

Perhaps you can get a bath gel to use when you feel like soaking when you get back to your non-moving home? Cool that you found it!

I have really enjoyed your blogs while in AZ and look forward to your blogs of the trip back "home".

PS--LOVE the "hang our livers on the line to dry out!!!!" LOL

And why can't you eat grapefruit if you are on cholesterol meds?

Gail said...

Tree ripened fruit is the best! Nothing like eating it right there, trying to stop the juice from running everywhere.

Have a safe trip.

Valerie said...

I've had warnings about using music on videos submitted to YouTube so I hope you get a response to your email. With the warnings there's also been a message to say 'you don't need to do anything' ... I'm mystified. It's sad that you've had to leave your friends but at least you can look forward to the Fall. And you did have a wonderful time so that's something to remember.

Eva Gallant said...

I love, love grapefruit! My hubby can't eat them either because of his meds. But I love them. What a great winter you have had!

Bossy Betty said...

Always fun to hear about your adventures-big and small!!

Country Gal said...

I love the trees with all their blossoms they are so beautiful. Sounds like you had a great time at the trailer. Cant wait for posts from your home to begin. Have a safe return !

Snowflake said...

It is a sad time when you and Jim and all the rest of us here in Mesa all part and go our separate ways. When I get lonesome for all of you I am going to go back and read your previous blog entries and it will bring back the laughter and good times with such wonderful new friends. Thanks for keeping us entertained in person and with your blog!!!! (and I can't wait to read all about your adventures this summer!!!!)

Mama Zen said...

I bet those grapefruit trees smell heavenly!

Wendy said...

Maybe you could get the perfume for those few days when you just want time to YOURSELF!

The Writing Instinct said...

I love the scent of grapefruit blossoms, so I imagine that that perfume would be perfect!

Have a safe journey home and best of luck with your writing.


Donna B said...

I'm sad and I am not even have so much with your AZ friends...(I did too when I lived in AZ). We are going to Tucson in April...another road trip for see good friends.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture on your header. PERFECT for the title of your blog. Maybe next time, you and Jim can be sitting in the bench. (Just a thought).

Safe travels home for you and all your friends.

Betty Manousos@ CUT AND DRY said...

Love the scent of grapefruit blossoms. It feels great!
Have a safe journey home, my friend!

Big hugs!

Betty xx