Thursday, June 17, 2010

Things that just make me scratch my head in wonder

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At a recent doctor's visit I saw this thing hanging on the wall. Do you know what it is?

Give up? It is a cast made of a pregnant woman's belly. Am I the only one that thinks this is a little crazy? For 75 buckaroos you can have your swollen, stretch-marked belly with your navel about ready to pop, cast in plaster-of-Paris and saved for posterity!

Hang it in the baby's room! Point to it as a reminder EVERY DAY how you carried the little varmint, how you suffered, your back hurt, you had heart burn, etc. Really give them the case of the guilts.

AND, as a BONUS...

Keep it in their room even in their teenage years as a reminder of how misshapen their bodies can get if they don't practice safe sex!


For those of you who brag about having a green thumb. Now you literally can have one.

For a price.

How about wearing this ring on your thumb?

Yes, that is a live plant growing inside the ring. It is one of the many
growing jewelry designed by Hafsteinn Juliusson, an Icelandic jeweler.

Or maybe this necklace is more to your liking.

In either case, be ready to fork over a lot of money, or kronur. The necklace goes for $189. Yeah, that's a lot for a tiny plant you're going to kill in a matter of days.

photos courtesy of hafsteinn juliusson website

Do you still have some Barbie dolls lying around and you don't know what to do with them? How about making them into a jewelry holder?

The legs are still movable and are attached to a nice wooden tray. It's available through Etsy.

For some reason I was oddly attracted to this piece. I think because it reminds me of an old silver ashtray we had when I was young.

I wish I would have kept some of my old Barbie dolls. I could have made some money in my old age. Even the old Ken dolls would have worked, too, since we all know that he was NOT anatomically correct!


You know, I was always told that it was wrong to feed your dog table food.

But I know many people do. They can't help slipping the dog a little something while the family is gathered around the table eating dinner and he's looking at you with his big puppy dog eyes, just begging for a scrap.

I get it.

What's it going to hurt?

Other people are very strict and don't EVER give their dogs ANY table food. In fact, the dog is not even allowed in the kitchen while they are eating.

So you have one end of the spectrum, and one in the middle. This one is completely at the other end.

(chair available here)

Well, hell, why not just invite the dog to eat with you?

Is it just me, or is this idea totally off the wall? I believe in loving your pets and all, but I think this is taking it a step too far.

I wonder what Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, would say.

photo courtesy of Wikipedia

No wait. I KNOW what he'd say.

He'd whisper, "You are nucking futs!"


Anonymous said...

I think the preggers belly mold is kinda cool....but the plant necklace...crazy...


Brian Miller said...

the dog seat is freakin me out...the grass jewelry looks like something you would smoke...the belly mold....maybe.

artist60164 said...

I love the barbie doll idea, as I do sell jewelry and I am always looking for display ideas.

Bonnie said...

And you are always hildly wilarious!

Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

lol - totally funny! i wouldn't have any of them. can't show ron the doggie chair though... he'd want one for maisey.

Rae said...

Cute post. I think I can live without any of them. I agree they are nucking futs.

becky said...

It's fun to look at other's creations. It's nice to know people are always thinking of something new... even if it's not something that I particularly care for. The dog thing is pretty ridiculous! :)

Wanderlust said...

Has someone been looking at the Skymall catalog??

misslynda said...

The belly mold is too weird. Besides, aren't pictures enough to remember the event? Fun post!

Mama Zen said...

For $189, that necklace better be growing weed!

Joann Mannix said...

Hate the plant necklace and my pregnancy cast would have been horrifying with as much weight as I gained in my pregnancies. I do though, LOVE the barbie legs. I might have to go and get me one of those.

And in Paris, dogs are allowed everywhere. It is very common to see dogs in restaurants and they don't like sit under the table, no. They have their own chair and plate and saucer for beverage lapping. And the weird thing is, every dang dog I've ever seen over there, sitting it their chair is so well behaved, like they know table manners. French dogs are something else, that's for sure.

Betty said...

That dog chair cracked me up! LOL!
B xx

Ruth said...

I don't know how you found these things, but they all cracked me up. Ok, now those Barbie legs. That is very creative! It makes me smile, and I think it would make a great gift for just the right person. I think Lesley has some Barbies in a tub in the barn . . .

BTW, did you ever see Toy Story II, the one with Barbie and Ken, and their dream house? OMG we saw the scene the other night when Ken comes down his fancy elevator outside the house in his matching shorts and ascot, and Barbie is swooning. That movie is brilliant.

Bossy Betty said...

The belly cast--hummmm....can I use it as a planter if I get tired of looking at it on the wall.

The Barbie legs-a little creepy.

The doggie seat--NO

Green thumb--still thinking about it.

Carletta said...

When my daughter with her first her girlfriend offered to give the cast thing as a gift. My daughter declined. :)

Cassie said...

You are a funny nut!! These had me laughing wayyyy to early this morning.

Allen said...

The necklace is something I would scratch my head over. I cannot believe that people would pay money for that.

The dog at the table. Ewww I love all animals, but that is crazy. My mom had a chicken for a pet, can you imagine having a chicken next to you at the table. lol

SquirrelQueen said...

I might go for the Barbie legs jewelry holder but the rest are just weird. The dog seat is just way too strange. The really scary part is that some people are buying this stuff.