Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Day I Mooned My Father-in-Law

But he wasn't really the target. It was all my brothers-in-laws.

That doesn't sound any better.

My husband was there, too.

Let me explain.

It was our annual camping weekend with Jim's family. This usually entails drinking, laughing, good food, laughing, games, and oh, did I mention drinking?

Jim has 6 brothers and 1 sister ; the majority of which live in the Midwest. We only see each other at this yearly camping event and maybe Christmas, so you KNOW there will be a LOT of partying.

On this particular camping trip in Spicer, MN, EVERYONE made it - even those from the West coast. Some rented cabins, some stayed in tents. We rented a large cabin and Jim's parents stayed with us. It was a small campground situated on Nest Lake.

One brother brought his speed boat. The campground also had a pontoon boat that we could rent.

image courtesy of Wikipedia

This worked out well since we had such a large crowd.

My sister-in-law "D" (I'm using just their initials to protect the not-so-innocent here) suggested that she take all the girls out in the speed boat. That sounded like a novel idea! So sisters-in-laws "B", "C", "D", and "MJ" climbed in the boat, along with little ole me.

"D" took us around for a few spins and pretty soon we saw the campground's pontoon boat coming toward us with, of course, all the guys, including my father-in-law, and brothers-in-law "R", "V", "M", "R", "A", and Jim. We zipped by them, waved, and laughed.

Then my SIL "B" had this idea.

"Let's go by them and moon them!"

"D" said, "Yeah!"

I was a little butt shy.

"C" wanted no part of it.

"MJ" didn't either. Seriously. Those were all her brothers and her father. I could see where she was coming from.

"D" and "B" convinced me.

"D" swung the boat around and headed toward the pontoon.

Just as we got close we turned around and dropped our drawers.

"B" REALLY dropped hers and swayed her butt back and forth calling out "WOO-WOO!"

"D" just dropped hers.

And me? Jim said mine was more a half-moon. It was more a peek.

But what was even funnier?

As we turned to see the reaction from the guys, we saw that they had the same idea and "R" and "A" were mooning us at the same time!

I think my father-in-law was clutching his heart at this point.

The girls collapsed in giggles and "D" took off.

Then she circled back to the pontoon only to find "R" and "A" standing on the edge with their shirts lifted up with a look on their face like, "MONKEY SEE - MONKEY DO!"

Yep. Good times!

Note: This is the one and only time I EVER show my butt in public. I do NOT like mooning, AND I do NOT like seeing OTHER people moon! So keep your hairy buttocks in yer pants please!


Bossy Betty said...

No pictures???

Brian Miller said...

haha. love it!

Anonymous said...

hahhahahahahaha gawd you always make me it ;) and just for you I will keep my hairy butt covered ;)

Eva Gallant said...

What a riot! Sounds like a fun family vacation!

BigSis said...

butt shy, huh? That phrase has infinite possibilities for use :)

Betty said...

Hey, Pat, you never fail to make laugh!
Love ya!
~B xx

Gail said...

Wild thang!

reanaclaire said...

hahahaa...what an enjoyable time you all had.. as for me, i don't think i dare to moon in full view too!! lol..


Valerie said...

Giggling here, and wondering where the pictures are!

artist60164 said...

all I had to hear was that there was alcohol involved. lololol

SquirrelQueen said...

You are a wild woman! Thanks for the laugh.

f8hasit said...

THAT is too hysterical!

Watch out year at Nest Lake you might end up like Rhinna and the lake might not want you back! All those OTHER boaters might still be in shock!

Nancy said...

You have a very fun family! I can just see your "peek", LOL!

毅筠毅筠 said...


becky said...

Amazing what a little alcohol & peer pressure can do!

Carletta said...

Good times for sure!
I thought as the story went along that it would be planned and you would be the only one who actually mooned. Glad I was wrong. :)

Donna B said...

hahahahhahaaha...oh Pat...I sure hope we can meet one fine day. We would not stop laughing! fact, I can't stop laughing NOW!

Brenda said...

Hahahaha, I LOVE this story!!