Monday, May 28, 2012

My bones are happy!

My living room furniture has arrived!

I finally found the furniture of my dreams, okay, truthfully, furniture I could live with, at J. C. Penney's. Because I didn't like the color/fabric that the couch came in, I chose one fabric for the couch, and a contrasting fabric for the chair.

The order was placed.

EIGHT days later I got a call from the salesman.

"Uh, Patricia, I am sorry, but your order has been cancelled."


"Because the fabric for the chair is discontinued," he answered meekly.


"Yes, yes. You see, it's considered one order, so when there was a problem with part of the order, the whole order was cancelled."

Call me crazy (and people have, believe me), wouldn't a simple phone call to the customer BEFORE cancelling the order be a common courtesy?

Maybe I would just have ordered the couch.

Maybe I would have ordered the chair in the same fabric as the couch.

Maybe I would tell them to go f**k themselves. Wait. Did I really type that. Sorry. You see, I had problems with Penney's with an on-line order for a bed. I won't go into it, but it was a mess. One day the order went through, the next it was out of order, the next it was on back order.

But I digress.

And another thing. Why did it take EIGHT DAYS to find out that the fabric was discontinued?

Not having much choice, I trudged back to Penney's to pick another fabric for the chair.

Why not go to another furniture store you ask? Ha ha ha

At this point I had been to 5 different stores, and went back to 2 of them.

Stick a fork in me.....I was Done - with a capital "D".

I picked out a new fabric, the salesman said 6-8 weeks, but it could be a shorter time.

In the meantime we had our midget chair (sorry if that's not politically correct but there's no better name for it), a rocking chair and a desk chair in our living room.

This is a long story, I know, to finally get to the point that our furniture arrived on Friday.

And when I tell you that I was sitting in a midget chair, I am not lying. Either that or my new chair is humongous. Look at the two sitting side by side.

I was beginning to feel a little like Will Ferrell in the movie "Elf".

Sitting on the midget chair is just one step above from sitting on the floor. It raised me up a little, but I still struggled to get out of the chair. And the worse part was, sometimes I'd have to part my knees so I could see the TV.

Here's my couch and chair together. I need to add some color to pop things up. The chair has small traces of blue in it so I think I'll get some blue pillows to pull that color out and put them on the couch. Also get a blue patterned throw for the back of the couch.

You can see that I have a lot of brown going on. I've got to change that. But remember, we are currently renting this place so I'm limited. (We don't want to hang our pictures, yet). The end tables and coffee table were bought at a used furniture place nearby. A real steal at $39 for end tables, $99 for coffee table and they are in great shape. I also bought those lamps for $18 apiece.

I love giraffes (my favorite animal at the zoo), and fell in love with this statue.

Again, goes with the brown theme. *wink*

Lily, my granddaughter, has named her "Dottie".

Another addition to my menagerie is this little sleeping elephant. Bought him at an antique village, although I don't think he's an antique.

He fits on the edge of a shelf. Isn't he just adorable? Here is a top view of him.

Lily has named him "Peanut".

Here is Lily, of whom I speak.

On Saturday morning I stumbled into the living room and was surprised to see the furniture. I yelled to my husband, "Hey Hon! Santa Claus came early and brought us furniture!"

Hope you all are having a great holiday weekend.

I've had two parties because, alas, I have furniture!


Snowflake said...

I love your new furniture, and I especially like your giraffe and elephant. How cute that Lily has given them names!!!
You are such a party person, always planning and hosting such fun get-togethers at VVV, I am sure you will host many more parties in your new home!!!

Valerie said...

I am surprised J. C. Penney is still in business. I must admit that customer relations is sadly lacking wherever we live. Not like the good old days when the customer was always right. Love that giraffe, never saw one sitting down before.

Valerie said...

Forgot to say, I like your new furniture. Sorry!

Brian Miller said...

aww isnt lily a your new furniture...omg on the size difference...i bet it does feel great...i like the colors...

Adam said...

I never heard of a order problem that could have been easily fixed by the store beforehand. Well at least you finally got your furniture

Eva Gallant said...

Glad you got your furniture! And I love your giraffe, too.

Gail said...


Love the colors, love the tables!!! I think I would keep them for a long time. You can always add to brown, hot pink, not so easily.

Have wonderful parties!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Now that you are experienced in furniture shopping come on down here and help me with our new addition ;>)....oh, wait we're leaving next week for Oregon -- better wait till next year. (I hate furniture shopping -- and I need window treatments too...eeeek)

Kathy's Klothesline said...

My office chair's lift mechanism is broken, so i know what you mean about sitting low to the ground! Love the furniture and the elephant is so darn cute. The giraffe, too. But .... Lily is by far the cutest of them all!. I know you must be so happy to be able to see her as often as you want.

SquirrelQueen said...

Congrats on the new furniture Pat. Or maybe I should say congrats on having a real place to sit. I like the brown color. You can add all sort of color with accessories and change them out when you get tired of the color.

Lily is adorable!

Kathryn Dyche Dechairo said...

You make me giggle, glad the furniture finally arrived, that you get to enjoy a full sized chair and can now watch tv without spreading your legs. :0)

Mama Zen said...

I adore that giraffe!

SUGAR MOON said...

Love the elephant and Lily is a doll. Have a great week!

NixBlog said...

Great taste in furniture and the room looks quite cosy. Lily is adorable.

Betty Manousos said...

awesome! glad you got your furniture. the giraffe is really cute too.

lily is such a cutie!


Lindy MacDuff said...

I'm with you on that lacking courtesy call. Seems like it should have just been common sense...

Oh heck, what do I know? I've never worked in retail.

Love the fabric on your new chair, and the couch fabric looks very cozy.

Jim said...