Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chicago - My Kind of Town

I first wrote about our trip to the beautiful downtown Chicago here. It was such a gorgeous day and we just soaked up the sun as we walked up and down Navy Pier taking in the sights.

How about this helicopter on one of the cruise ships that takes tourists out on Lake Michigan? Now why the heck would you need a helicopter?

Isn't this a cute kiosk? But could you imagine answering the phone, "Completely Nuts, can I help you?"

We walked to the end of the pier and saw this HUGE anchor. It weighs 8 tons and is from the USS Chicago III.

There were many places to chose from for lunch, but we decided on Riva.

I had not heard of it before, but apparently it's quite popular with celebrities. I guess it's their "thing" to have celebrities sign a plate and then hang them on the wall, maybe proving they ate there? (I notice that they didn't ask ME to sign a plate!)

Here are famous plates from:

Priscilla Presley

Vince Vaughn and Ted Koppel

Michael Jordan

Those is a brass plates underneath with the celebrity's name, in case you can't read their handwriting! I saw Bill and Hillary Clinton, and even President Obama ate there (before he was president).

I guess this restaurant's specialty is seafood. I ordered shrimp and I can testify that it was pretty good!

Jim ordered the blue-cheeseburger on a hot cross bun. Both lunches were delish!

After lunch we headed back down the pier. On the way we passed these circus mirrors as part of an attraction. I snapped this photo of a young family looking at their changing shapes in the mirrors. I love taking photos of the people around me, especially if they are unaware.

We crossed the street and went to Gateway Park, a 19-acre park, with Navy Pier bordering on the East, and nestled against skyscrapers on the West. Gateway Park is known for its eclectic art display each summer. It didn't disappoint us! Here are some of the pieces.


Included in the Gateway Park 2011 Artwalk, but located outside of the park, under the viaduct at Lake Shore Drive and Grand Avenue is this beautiful mural poster. It was painted by Shepard Fairey, the artist best known for his Barack Obama "Hope" poster in 2008. This "Obey" mural  looks like album covers and measures 130 feet long by 10 feet high. I saw it when the taxi whizzed by it and wanted to yell, "STOP"!, but, it wasn't to be. Sooo, thankfully, there's INTERNET!!

Two favorites that are always at the park are:

This wonderful fountain that kids (or adults!) can play in on a hot day. This particular day all kiddies were back in school! I was very tempted to put my hot, tired dogs in this cool water!

and the Bob Newhart statue. Here he is as his character Dr. Robert Hartley, psychologist. The Bob Newhart Show was filmed in Chicago.

Another one of those moments I captured.....a little girl trying to photograph a baby squirrel.



Anonymous said...

you know I love chi other city like it. Great post dear friend :)

Eva Gallant said...

Love the photos! Was that George Dubya' with his foot in his mouth?

Gail said...

Oh, the places and things I get to see...Thank you.

Rita said...

This is so great! I get to travel with you to places I wouldn't get to see. Such fun looking at all the pics. That last shot is really cute. Thanks so much for sharing these. :)

TechnoBabe said...

You have some great photos of Chicago. The artwork is truly fun and inspiring. I really like the man with the tie blowing out in front of him.
The little girl must be a gentle spirit for the squirrel to remain so close so she can try to get a photo of the squirrel.

Brian Miller said...

ha i am totally digging the did they get you tosign your plate?

Lynda said...

The weather looked absolutely gorgeous that day. You got great pics and it sounds like you had a very good time, too.

Donna said...

I'll take a plate of that Shrimp!! Looked Great!

Saun said...

Love Chicago you should go back at Christmas. Its beautiful with all the lights....

SquirrelQueen said...

I really like all of the cool artwork. The one called Look Out made me laugh. I love the shot of the little girl and the baby squirrel.

I have flown through O'Hara several time but that's as close to Chicago as I have been. Maybe one of these days I'll get back for a visit.

Ruth said...

I live not far from Chicago (four hours away), and we go down about once a year, but I've never seen any of the things you shared. :|

So thanks!

Savories of Life said...

I just found your blog anf enjoyed it very much. I will have to visit chicago some day. Do come and follow my blog.

charmine. said...

Loved the tour of this very charming place! Loved the artwork and your pictures are great.Thanks for sharing.