Wednesday, April 7, 2010

"C" stands for Casinos, ca-ching$$ (as in money I lost), and coughing (from the smoke)

Jim and I started our day with our .99 cent breakfast - ham and eggs with a side order of hash browns. Can't beat that with a stick, right? I'd rather throw money away in the slots than the breakfast table!

This is AVI casino that is connected to the RV park where we are staying.

This mural is painted on the parking garage. I like how the shadows of the palm trees fall across the mural.

We had access to the hotel pool and beach. We didn't go into the pool area, but did walk by the beach and lagoon area. It was beautiful.

Our casino was located about 12 miles south of town, so we had to drive into town to visit the other casinos.

This is looking down the Colorado River near the Davis Dam.

In front of all the casinos along the Colorado is a river walk.

The river is so clean and clear. And the current is so swift. We watched this poor duck fight to go upstream.

I was amazed to see palm trees growing right in the water. This is looking straight down in the water.

You can take a water taxi across the river to the other side. Here are couple of unoccupied taxis.

This taxi is make a run!

This is the Colorado Belle casino. It is a replica of a 19th century Mississippi paddlewheel riverboat that is 600 feet in length and 6 decks high.

Photo courtesy of Colorado Belle

We went into about 5 casinos and then we had our limit. For today, anyway! The smoke was really getting to me, as was the sound and the flashing lights. It's a miracle I didn't get a migraine! And I'm here to report that our luck didn't change. We're still losers. Although I can play with a $10 bill for at least 30-45 minutes! That's something isn't it?

I'm sure glad we're not going to be here during "Ride" week, when over 50,000 bikers are expected to show up. Of course, that would have given me an excuse to wear my leather bra with the fringes hanging off of it.

A blonde went to Las Vegas. She had been in the casino for about an hour, and realized she was thirsty. So she went to the pop machine in the hall. She put $1.00 in and a Pespi came out, she put another $1.00 in and another Pespi came out, she put one last $1.00 in and another Pespi came out. A man saw her, and he said: "What are you doing?" And the blonde said: "Duh!! Winning!!!


SquirrelQueen said...

Laughlin is a fun place and far more laid back than Vegas. I love the river walk as a way to get from casino but on the really hot days the water taxis are fun.

We were there once just before Ride week. After hearing about a fight and stabbing at one of the hotels we decided it was time to drive back to Las Vegas.

Brian Miller said...

haha. funny joke. thats about the only winning i could probably do as well. lol. looking at your pics..i am jealous.

Rae said...

Seems odd seeing a beach right there in the middle of the desert. Clean, clear water - that is amazing. Wonder how they keep it so pristine. It looks like a nice place to walk.

Steven Anthony said...

I live five minutes from four winds casino...I get in trouble all the time, having one right on the property I was staying would be

Kathy's Klothesline said...

You are having too much fun! What a lovely place to stay...... but I think I would leave it to the bikers, too; and move on. I love casino food!!

Allen said...

LOL the blond joke. haha

misslynda said...

GORGEOUS pictures! Do you research all these places and plan your trips around them or do people tell you some great places to visit? You do make the most out of your days on the road.

Crazy question - - - can you cook while traveling - - - like in the crockpot. Does the electricity work while driving or do you have to be "plugged in"? And would the crockpot slide all over or could it sit in the sink?