Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Strange Sightings

I've seem some strange things on the road. I keep my eyes open for odd billboard signs (see condom sign), funny restaurant names (Cutie Pie's Ribeyes), weird cars (see yellow classic), etc.

We were driving through Texas - not on a main four lane highway mind you, but more the back country roads. We went through a town, wish I knew it's name, but alas, I didn't notice it. Which is apropos because two of the places that caught my eye were: a motel called, "It'll Do Motel" and a restaurant called, "Nothing Fancy Cafe". Does this town need a boost in their self esteem or what? Maybe their name was, "Eeyore" like the Disney character who's known for saying, "Thanks for noticing me!"

I usually ride with my digital camera on my lap, ready to snap any photo opportunity that may come my way. Unfortunately I was kind of dozing when my eyes focused through the windshield on some large animals. I thought, "oh, camels. CAMELS!" By the time it registered that camels are not USUALLY found in fields in Texas, my photo op was gone. Camels in Texas. Who knew?

Right after that I saw a billboard that said, "What is your leg worth?" and under that was a phone number to call. Again I was a little dumbfounded. I turned and watched the billboard fly by, saw the same billboard in the other direction and still didn't get a picture of it! Are Texans so desperate that they are now selling their limbs? What am I missing here?

I'm posting some photos of the beautiful countryside we've seen on the drive.

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