Saturday, April 11, 2009

Here we go again! 4/11/09

We are on the road again. We've spent four wonderful, sunny months in Mesa, AZ. (Well, actually 3 months since we spent a month or so up near our new grand baby, Lily, in central IL between Dec-Jan).

Departing Mesa on 4/7 with hopes of being in and out of the RV dealer for minor repairs, in actuality it wasn't till three days later, two trips to have the trailer fixed, one trip to have the truck fixed, before we were really on the road heading east. Our goal is to drive the Natchez Trace, beginning in Natchez, Mississippi and ending in Nashville, Tennessee. But more on that later.

We've experienced some rough weather so far; rain, wind, hail, sleet and snow showers. It's as if God wants us to see what we've been missing ALL IN A MATTER OF DAYS! As a matter of fact, when it started raining the other night, I had to really think about what that sound was - it had been so long since we've had rain in Arizona!

So stay tuned, hold on tight, and ride along with us as we head east through NM, TX, LA, and MS.

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