Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Fun Day with Grandma & Grandpa by Lovely Lily

My Grandma said it was okay if I told you about my day with her and Grandpa. They came over yesterday to babysit me. This is a rare occurrence because a) I have a regular babysitter but she had an appointment, and b) my grandparents are not around too often because they are what you would call "gypsies". I'm not sure what that means - but it has something to do with moving around a lot and taking their home with them. That sounds to me a lot like a turtle,

but neither of them look like this. Okay, maybe Grandpa does just a little! Anyway, I was happy that they were able to babysit me, and here is what we did together. I just want you to know, that although Grandma isn't in a lot of the pictures, she was there playing with me, and singing to me. She was quite bothersome, though, I have to admit, because she kept holding up this black box to her face and peering through it and asking me to smile, or calling my name. Other times she just caught me off guard.

Our day started off with Grandpa showing me how to make paper airplanes.

His turned out much better than mine. What does he expect? I'm not even 2 yet!

I tired of that quickly so Grandma brought out my drum that's stuffed with noise makers. I like to empty the drum and hand Grandpa all the toys to hold.

See how Grandpa even takes care of my baby doll? Then Grandpa showed me how to play the drum.

And in no time, I'm playing with both sticks!

My baby needs some attention so I stop and give her a kiss.

Then we played with all the blocks on the floor. That was fun. It was even more fun to watch Grandma and Grandpa get down on the floor with me and play, then struggle to get up OFF the floor. Grandpa lets me go from toy to toy because Grandma says that I have him "wrapped around my little finger", but that can't be true because he's much too big to fit around my finger! Grandma's just crazy! But Grandma says that we have to clean up our mess before moving on to the next toy, so I am a good girl and help pick up the blocks.

We have music playing in the background, which helps because Grandma is ALWAYS breaking out into silly songs. This time she grabbed me and danced with me. It was fun to dance around the room.

Grandma started to get a little crazy and sang real loud, twirling me around in a circle! I got butterflies in my stomach and Grandma got a little dizzy, too! We had to stand still till Grandma's eyes stopped rolling around in her head!

All of this playing, singing and dancing made me tired! I took a good nap and by the time I woke up, my Mommy came home for lunch and visited me! I think she really just wanted to check up on Grandma and Grandpa to see if they were doing a good job. She saw that I was no worse for wear, and Grandma showed her the photos from the morning activity, so Mommy felt it was safe to return to work.

After lunch Grandma and Grandpa took me for a walk.

Grandma and Grandpa both like pushing me in the stroller. Grandma usually pushes me, except when she's taking pictures, which is like, ALL THE TIME!

We saw this cool fountain and Grandma suggested that maybe I'd want to put my hands in the water. My Grandma is so cool! Grandpa is too!

Brrr! That water was really cold! Boy that was fun!

Then we walked past the train station and started to head towards home. We heard a choo-choo coming so Grandma turned my stroller around so I could see it.

It was the California Zepher, which is kind of a big deal, but I don't know, it looked like a regular old choo-choo to me.

When we got back home, Grandpa put me in my little swing.

I like to swing on my swing. But better yet, I like to sit next to Grandpa on the glider.

Pssst, Grandpa, look what Grandma is doing!

You know, I have to share Grandma and Grandpa with my four-legged pets. Well, truthfully, not Grandpa so much, but definitely Grandma! Grandma loves all the furry creatures in my house, like Luna,

and Cora,

and Khan.

They are inside cats which mean that they are ALWAYS around. I can say kitty-kitty real cute, or at least everyone thinks so.

Then there's these two knuckleheads

That's Atlas on the left and Venus on the right. They are brother and sister. I can say doggies real cute, too. I'm not much taller then these two, so when I'm trying to walk around it sometimes is hard. But I like having so many animals in the house. They like when Grandma and Grandpa come to visit, too. Grandma is always petting them.

Well, that is how my day was with my Grandma and Grandpa. It was fun!

One more picture Grandma. SERIOUSLY?


Anonymous said...

And its these moments we need cherish...what a wonderful day for you, so glad you got to enjoy it;)

hugs friend

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful family.

Eva Gallant said...

Sounds like a great day for Grandma and Grandpa!

Missy said...

How sweet and too cute!

Brian Miller said...

awww. adorable...and looks like all had a lot of fun...its so cool hanging out with sit down before you get dizzy again...smiles.

Gail said...

Adorable!!! Who had the most fun???

Bonnie said...

What a sweet girl and devoted grandparents. That second-last pic, Lily reminds me of YOU!

misslynda said...

I bet Grandma and Grandpa slept really well last night after playing allllll day long. I am sure they miss you a LOT when they go south for warmer weather in the winter.

Ami said...

She is a very gifted storyteller for her age. And a little snarky.

Did she get that from you?


What a beautiful little one.

That corgi :) said...

I enjoyed reading everyone's special day together and seeing the pictures! beautiful little girl!! truly a blessing indeed!


Valerie said...

Aww this was so cute. Lovely Lily is just that... lovely. She tells a good story too. Very nice pictures, Pat.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Looks like you all had funI I am jealous, I miss mine so much. I will be planning a trip north soon. First I have to get through Oktoberfest and the big end of the season party........I need more coffee......

Nancy said...

Very cute post. Can she be any more adorable?? I just had a week with my grandson. They light up the world, don't they?

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Aw -- so cute! We are on our way to Charleston to visit our GREAT-grandsons again -- or else I might really be jealous! Lily ia just adorable!

SquirrelQueen said...

Aw, Lily is a little doll. It looks like she had almost as much fun as here grandparents did.

Carletta said...

Cute story and Lily is Lovely!!!
I love that last shot!